Gamsakhurdia summoned to “Moduli” office for interrogation

Gamsakhurdia summoned to “Moduli” office for interrogation

The FINANCIAL -- According to news agency "Pirveli", leader of the political party “Freedom”, Konstantine Gamsakhurdia was summoned to the Interior Ministry for interrogation on November 19.


The witness has already entered the Moduli office, here the security service works. Gamsakhurdia said before entering the ministry that the records of his phone conversations released by the government was nothing but just a black PR campaign against him launched by the authorities.


Gamsakhurdia said the conversation was a montage and the allegations that he spied for Russia was just a lie. Gamsakhurdia said he was ready to answer any question. The political leader went to the interior ministry together with his attorney Sosos Baratashvili.







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