BSI Georgia to Start Outsourcing

BSI Georgia to Start Outsourcing

BSI Georgia to Start Outsourcing

The FINANCIAL -- Brain Source International Georgia has started offering outsourcing services to both global and local companies operating in the country.


“Three months ago BSI Georgia started developing outsourcing activities which are a very essential part of the company’s activities in Ukraine. Considering the previous year’s success we achieved in terms of recruitment, I believe outsourcing will follow that well-probed success track,” Michael Lelashvili, Head of BSI Georgia, told The FINANCIAL.


The BSI representative in Georgia has become a Georgian juridical body and is now called BSI Georgia. BSI also has official representations in: Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. In Georgia the company has been active since 2006.


“Becoming a Georgian juridical body has allowed us to add new services like outsourcing to BSI offers in the country. Though there are some other companies engaged in this business, I dare say we’re the pioneers in offering high quality and professional outsourcing services in Georgia,” stated Lelashvili.


According to Lelashvili, in terms of outsourcing BSI Georgia offers: staff leasing, temporary personnel, and out staffing. In addition the company operates payroll outsourcing, HR outsourcing and HR audit. However the most intensive works are being conducted in terms of staff leasing at this point.


“Staff Outsourcing means that specializing is the most beneficial for the global companies entering the Georgian market as they can thus put all legislative concerns and possible complications that might arise during their activities in a new market to BSI which is then fully responsible for the tasks instead,” stated Lelashvili.


As Lelashvili claimed, the contractor company’s expenses include: staff salaries, taxes paid to the state budget and + 10-20% of each staff member’s salary paid this time to BSI Georgia’s favour.

“In Ukraine we’re a great success with 5 large contractors whose overall 1 500 staff members we employ there,” said Lelashvili.


Ukrainian Acumen Outsourcing, BSI’s partner company, specializes in the management of employees for the production companies thus fully taking care of all employee related issues such as: search and selection, recruiting, training, all HR admin from hiring through to terminating the contract, payroll and all related tax payments, staff scheduling, work safety, working clothes, insurance, meals, transportation to and from sites, and lawsuits.


Acumen Outsourcing is out-staffing more than 1 500 employees for multinational and local companies. The Outsourcing service was launched in Ukraine under the Acumen Outsourcing brand in 2002.


“Our relationship with Acumen Outsourcing has developed into long-term and fruitful cooperation. Once Acumen Outsourcing had proven their value and was taken on by Gala Marketing as a permanent outsourcing provider. We are happy to recommend Acumen Outsourcing as a trustworthy partner,” an extract from the recommendation letter of Vitaliy Prokopenko, General Director of Gala Marketing.


“We are pleased to recommend you Acumen Outsourcing as a reliable business-partner for outsourcing projects,” an extract from the recommendation letter of Andrei Milinevskyi , General Director of Golden Telecom.


“They have always been responsive to our needs and have provided very prompt turnaround of requests concerning our plant personnel outsourcing project and ensuring no stoppages in our production,” an extract from the recommendation letter of Gavrish Alexsander Mikhaylovitch, General Director of Knauf.


“One of the largest-scale projects we’re about to start now is recruiting 1 600 personnel for International Company in the field of Telecommunications. As usual, we’re oriented at top management recruitment but as it was a complex order, BSI Georgia agreed to get in charge of the recruitment of all 1 600 personnel,” claimed Lelashvili.


As Lelashvili stated, attracting source from international markets has also become much demanded in Georgia.


“Companies are truly generous about hiring international sources as they pay USD 4 000 for each candidate’s trip to Georgia for the interviews” claimed Lelashvili.


In Lelashvili’s words, the international companies BSI Georgia is in close partnership with include such global brand names as: Philip Morris, Kraft Foods, AREVA, ABB or ASBIS.


“When I say BSI Georgia success has appeared to exceed expectations, the statement is backed up by highly impressive statistics. For instance for the last year the business activities in terms of CEO Search and reqruitment where increased by 120% compare with 2006” said Lelashvili.




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