ICC-Georgia meets Prime Minister Mgaloblishvili

ICC-Georgia meets Prime Minister Mgaloblishvili

The FINANCIAL -- On November 11, 2008 Fady Asly Chairman of ICC-Georgia met Prime Minister Grigol Mgaloblishvili to congratulate him for his appointment as Prime Minister of Georgia.

During the meeting all major issues related to business were discussed and more particularly the exchange rate for the Lari. Prime Minister Mgaloblishvili expressed his confidence that the national currency will remain stable and that this was a normal readjustment in the wake of the recent international financial changes.

Prime Minister Mgaloblishvili reiterated the government commitment to a liberal economic policy and further tax rebates to boost private sector activities.

It was agreed that Prime Minister Mgaloblishvili will meet our business community before the end of the month to be acquainted with the challenges faced by the private sector. ICC-Georgia is the Georgian national committee of the International Chamber of Commerce, a global business organization which unites hundreds of thousands of member companies from over 130 countries into a representative body which speaks with authority on behalf of businesses worldwide.





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