The FINANCIAL - New Plastic Card and Loans Offered by Standard Bank

New Plastic Card and Loans Offered by Standard Bank

New Plastic Card and Loans Offered by Standard Bank

The FINANCIAL -- Clubber Card is another new bank product being presented to the clients of Standard Bank. The owners of this card will get 5%-10% discounts in different entertainment centres.



According to Standard Bank the Clubber Card enables its clients to make reservations in both restaurants and clubs. Clubber Card is part of a universal account and the transaction is made directly from the owner’s account.


In the previous week the bank also presented a fresh series of credit cards to its clients. These credit cards are Standard Black, Standard Blue and Standard Gold.


According to Eka Khoperia, PR Specialist of Standard Bank, the bank is offering its clients new and convenient mortgage and auto loans.


Standard Bank offered a new mortgage loans’ system to its clients. With a mortgage loan a person will have the ability to purchase an apartment, land or to make multiple repairs to a house.


Standard Bank’s mortgage loan’s priority is that a client can cover the credit in advance, as the advanced payment penalty is 0%. The covering schedule is absolutely suited to the customer’s demands. Loan amount ranges from USD 5 000 to USD 150 000, the term of a loan is defined to 25 years, the interest rate is from 13% to 20%. The minimum limit of the borrower's income is USD 400.

According to Standard bank, the bank cooperates with SENA AUTO Ltd, an official MITSUBISHI dealer, JSC STANDARD BANK is offering a Mitsubishi Car Instalment Purchase Program. Car loans can be obtained to finance the purchase of new models of Mitsubishi cars.
The interest rate for a 12-month instalment period is 0%. Instalment amount is from USD 5 000 to 35 000, instalment term - from 6 to 60 months, interest rate - from 0% to 24%, minimum co-participation - 25%.

Besides car and mortgage loans Standard Bank possesses different kinds of loans, absolutely suitable to the customers’ demands. These are: Micro loans, Student Loans, School Loans, Small and Medium business loans and simple loans.

According to Standard Bank, the bank finances any operating micro-business that is not prohibited by law and that has business experience. The Micro crediting Program covers the entire territory of Tbilisi as well as the regional network of JSC STANDARD BANK.

Micro loans’ amount ranges from USD 3 000 to 30 000, loan term is from 3 to 18 months, interest rate - from 18% to 24%.

Standard Bank’s Simple Loan Program has the following features: availability of credit without any additional costs, low interest rate, procedural simplicity, loan approval and extension - within one business day.

Simple Loan Conditions: Loan amount is from USD 200 to 3 000, interest rate - 36%, Loan duration period is from 3 to 18 months, payment schedule is in equal monthly instalments.
By means of the Small and Medium Business Crediting Program, Standard Bank finances any operating business. Loans’ amount can range from USD 30 000 to 500 000, interest rate will be from 16% to 20%.

Besides the Clubber Card and a fresh series of credit cards, Standard Bank owns Visa Electron Standard, Visa Business, Visa Gold, Visa Card for Women (EGO №5), and Shopping Card.
On October 3, 2007, Standard Bank, besides the new card’s presentation, added a branch opening as a new, 17th unit to the bank network, in Krtsanisi district, Gorgasali Str, 37. Here corporate clients, as well as physical persons will be offered the full range of bank services.

“Standard Bank wishes for the bank’s services to be reliable for it clients throughout the whole town and for that purposes the bank is continuing branch openings. The Krtsanisi unit is the 17th and the bank plans to open 8 branches in addition by the end of the year. We will offer additional branch openings in Nadzaladevi District, Pekini Str, and in the upper Varketili District. The bank will also be offering different bank products to its customers very soon,” Levan Tkhelidze declared.

“The Krtsanisi district is an optimally chosen area, as the residents of this district will also have the ability to make utility payments with greater comfort and receive all bank services from the branch,” Khoperia said.    

Standard Bank is one of the fastest developing banks in Georgia.

The bank has announced that for the period from August 31 2006 to August 31 2007, the bank’s profitability has increased by 196%, the increase in supervisory capital has comprised 45% thus amounting to GEL 24, 6 million, net interest income is GEL 6, 636, 561, 29 and net income - GEL 2, 239, 824. Total equity capital reached GEL 15, 995, 605. Standard Bank’s total assets consisted of GEL 145, 320,118. The assets index in 2006 was 2% and in 2007 is 2, 5%, reflecting a 0, 5% increase. The volume of current accounts has grown 4, 6 times. The number of plastic card volume comprised 331%.



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