Convenient new service in ProCredit Bank’s 24/7 Zones

Convenient new service in ProCredit Bank’s 24/7 Zones

The FINANCIAL -- ProCredit Bank has recently added convenient new drop-boxes to its 24/7 Zones. The boxes enable our clients to deposit money into their current accounts quickly and safely, and the deposit is automatically credited to the account upon completion of the operation.   

The drop-boxes are especially convenient for our business clients, because they can have representatives of the company as well as third persons (distributors, dealers) deposit large sums of money into their accounts in a comfortable environment 24 hours a day.

The drop-boxes are easy to use. You simply put the desired sum in a special package, select the account into which you wish to deposit the money on the device screen, enter the amount on screen and put the package into the drop-box. The sum will automatically be credited to the indicated account.   

The drop-boxes are available at 10 branches. Detailed information on how to use them is available in brochures at our branches and on our website.

“We hope that this new service will be useful for our business clients, who often have to deposit money on their accounts several times per day. We know how precious their time is, so our new equipment was designed to fit their needs: The drop-boxes are fast, flexible, convenient and of course safe.  Our 24/7 Zones now offer more functions, but we’re not stopping there. We are working on innovations to make the remote transaction channels more perfect, comfortable and flexible,” explains Asmus Rotne, the General Director of ProCredit Bank.