The FINANCIAL - Why Should You Get an Online Loan from Space?

Why Should You Get an Online Loan from Space?

Why Should You Get an Online Loan from Space?

The FINANCIAL -- Recently, a new name has appeared in the Georgian banking space. This is a digital neobank - Space, which has initially impressed the customers and offered them digital alternatives of traditional services.

"We try to create a completely new service of daily banking - a digital bank of the future - in Space’s team, while the main contributor to its development is a customer," – said in Space.

At a certain life stage, we all needed more money than we have. At this time, the easiest and quickest solution is an online loan. Briefly, when you failed to unmistakably calculate your expenses, then it is not surprising that you are in need of money before getting your salary or while you’re traveling. And, at the present moment, you remember the disadvantages you have heard regarding loans:

➢ Commissions; the interest rate calculation process that is incomprehensible to you;

➢ Running to different branches of the bank and listing your financial details for the credit officer;

➢ If the other bank, you are not a client of, provides you with better conditions, there is an additional process to open a new bank account there;

➢ In case of advance payment, you will be fined;

➢ Quick Online Loan? – It has a very high interest rate.

Why should you get a loan from Space?

In order to be assured of the advantages of Space’s quick loan, I'll tell you exactly, why it's the best decision to get a loan from there, when you need money.

You can take an online loan from Space in 5 minutes.

You can make an application via your mobile phone and you will get an answer instantly, wherever you are, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

A quick loan taken from Space can be provided on any bank account at once.

In case of advance payment, you will not be penalized.

Annual effective interest rate starts from 15%.

After paying two times, you can skip one payment.

How can you get a loan from Space?

It's much easier than you can imagine. Download the application, click plus on the main page, indicate the amount of loan you want and you will get the answer instantly.

After receiving the answer, if the conditions are satisfactory for you, click "Next" and follow a simple instruction. The loan will be immediately provided on the bank account you will indicate.

Space – the first completely digital bank in the region aims at delivering the simplest, the most transparent and instant daily financial services.

Space provides you with the following services:

• Opening of a bank account remotely;

• Ordering a bank card free of charge, with home delivery service;

• Attaching any bank card;

• Instant transfer of money between cards 24/7;

• Payment of utilities, topping up your mobile phone balance and other types of payments;

• Transferring of money via mobile phone number or any Facebook Messenger;

• Get a loan in two minutes

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