TBC Bank Launching Innovative Marketing Projects on it’s 21st Anniversary

TBC Bank Launching Innovative Marketing Projects on it’s 21st Anniversary

tbc-bank_nod_0485.jpgThe FINANCIAL -- In celebrating its 21st anniversary, TBC Bank has introduced a present for customers by offering three types of innovative products: “iPad Bank”, its new “Sound” and “Aroma”.

“All three products are innovations for the Georgian market and were introduced for the first time by TBC Bank, a fact that we are proud of,” said Mamuka Khazaradze, Founder and Supervisory Board Chairman of TBC Bank. “We wanted to celebrate the Bank’s 21st anniversary with our customers and to present them with something new in honour of the occasion. Through iPad Bank clients can manage their finances, transfer money and get access to various information. Like Mobile Bank it offers the most innovative way to manage your money on the go. Access to iPad banking is available via the same registered username and password used for internet banking. The only thing it requires is a download from the App Store. TBC Bank always tries to meet its customers’ needs and offer them the most preferable products,” he added.

By Global Finance magazine TBC Bank has already been awarded for having the best internet bank site in the world. “This significant award encouraged us to develop this direction further and offer something that was not available before, in the form of the iPad Bank,” said Vakhtang Butskhrikidze, TBC Bank CEO. “But it is not the only innovative and important product that we are offering. TBC Bank is also implementing sensory marketing, a first for Georgia. There are some main aspects to our communication with clients. The first is service, and TBC is proud of its excellent service; the second is touch; the third - sound, and fourth - aroma. As we are in touch with our customers every day we saw that the Bank was missing only two of the components - sound and aroma. Sound marketing is twelve times more effective than visual marketing, according to different researches. Pleasant background sound creates a favourable ambience and balances out otherwise negative sounds such as those of telephone conversations, computer noises and other office sounds,” he added.

Within the framework of the sound marketing TBC Bank customers will be able to listen to a unique sound composition created specially for TBC Bank by Julian Treasure, Director of the Sound Agency.  The duration of the composition lasts several hours and it was created with the use of five different Georgian musical instruments. It also contains elements of TBC Bank’s musical slogan.

“A business that becomes conscious about its sound can step out of the mire of unfavourable office atmosphere, move ahead of the competition and enjoy greater sales, increased customer satisfaction, increased productivity and motivation in its workforce, increased brand asset value as well as more powerful marketing communication,” believes Butskhrikidze.

Together with its sound marketing TBC Bank is also implementing aroma marketing, which means introducing a specific scent in the branches. The goal is the same - to create a comfortable and favourable environment for customers.

“As taste in scent depends very much on the individual, it took a long time to research and test what kind of scent would be suitable for the Bank’s concept and acceptable to its customers’ varied tastes. After several months of work the group of marketing managers came up with the idea to create a neutral and cool fragrance. 75 percent of human emotions are played on by the aroma,” said Butskhrikidze.

TBC Bank aroma - “TBC Platinum” - is made by a British perfume company Brandaroma.

TBC Bank’s sound composition as well as its special aroma have already been implemented in 10 of the Bank’s branches.  From 2014 they will be put into practice in every branch of TBC Bank.

“We have very ambitious plans for 2014 and intend to have big growth. This marketing campaign will contribute to the growth of the Bank. During the next year the Bank will be offering other innovative products as well,” Butskhrikidze added.