Barclays’ final legal panel review marks break with convention

Barclays’ final legal panel review marks break with convention

The FINANCIAL -- Barclays completed the final formal review of its global Panel of legal firms on july 2 and in doing so marked the start of a new era in its management of legal suppliers. Having announced in March that the 2018 review would be the last, Barclays is now moving to an enhanced relationship model, based on active and on-going management of relationships with law firms.

The constituents of the current Panel have been notified in recent weeks, and will remain in place, subject to performance, for three years until 30 June 2021. During that period, and beyond, the new, more flexible relationship model will ensure that Panel firms are better positioned to deliver on Barclays’ strategic objectives, on its legal needs and against a set of six clearly defined Expectations of Law Firms.

The main areas of focus for Barclays within this new model are:

Building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with law firms

Innovation as a vehicle for delivering win-win outcomes

Collaboration not only between Barclays and law firms, but also among law firms on the Panel

Further reduction of the proportion of work carried out on hourly rates and an increased proportion of Effective Fee Arrangements as a means of increasing efficiency in service delivery and enhancing value for legal spend

While Barclays is not naming the firms appointed to its Panel, it can confirm that, having reduced the overall number at its last review in 2016, it has again trimmed the number of legal firms with which it will engage. However, the new approach allows for greater flexibility in managing the size and composition of the Panel, and firms can be added and removed as appropriate.