The young ones

The young ones

The FINANCIAL -- Young people have clear expectations when it comes to banking. It should be easy, accurate, digital and personal. Here’s how the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia are trying to do this.

The Netherlands and Belgium have launched a combined social media campaign which aims to reach young people between 18 and 25.

The campaign, called ‘in the pocket’ or ‘dans la poche’ in French, is themed around young people wanting to get everything out of life and doing things successfully: their first job, passing their driving test, even being paid back for a round of drinks they paid for in the pub.

With ING's mobile app they literally have their bank in their pocket at all times to achieve their goals.

The campaign has been featured on various social media channels with young people encouraged to share their ‘in the pocket’ moments.

Start out right

ING in Australia has introduced Orange Everyday Youth, an everyday bank account for people aged 15 to 17 years old.

Orange Everyday Youth empowers Australian teenagers to start out right and take control of their money, with no everyday account fees and plenty of features to help them save for their future.

To mark the launch, ING in Australia hosted a group of teenagers, parents and media over breakfast to discuss new research findings that show young Australians are wiser than their years when it comes to achieving financial independence.