Euronext Amsterdam sees strong bond listing activity

Euronext Amsterdam sees strong bond listing activity

The FINANCIAL -- Euronext is experiencing strong bond listing activity on its Amsterdam market. In a series of new, large bond listings by a variety of issuers € 5.59 billion was raised in two weeks, compared to €3.2 billion raised during the same period last year.

Today’s € 500 million green bond listing by ABN Amro is the latest bond listing on Euronext Amsterdam. The ABN Amro bonds follow the recent green bond listing byTenneT Holding B.V. on 4 June, with a total value of € 1 billion.

Earlier this month, ABN Amro listed another bond with a total value of USD 1.5 billion. Other recent bond issuances in Amsterdam include the € 1.25 billion bond listing by Unilever N.V. on 3 June and the € 1.5 billion bond listing by Rabobank on 29 May, according to Euronext.

As of end May 2015, a total amount of € 31 766 million was raised through corporate bonds on Euronext’s four markets. Bond issuance among companies listed on Euronext Amsterdam in 2015 YTD also shows a strong growth, increasing by more than 50% to €1.85 billion compared to the respective time period last year. Within Euronext’s bond market the number of green bonds, as listed by ABN Amro and TenneT Holding B.V, is growing. Other examples of issuers with green bond listings on Euronext include AFD, GDF SUEZ, Île-de-France and EFD.

“The listings of the new bonds highlight Euronext’s position as a leading stock exchange and financing centre. Companies are increasingly looking to diversify their funding and the capital markets enable them to address their debt funding needs, both short and long term,” said Maurice van Tilburg, CEO of Euronext Amsterdam. “Green bonds such as listed by ABN Amro today and Tennet last week provide new social responsible investment opportunities and diversify the scope of investors."


Author: Temur Tatishvili