Euronext posts strongest six-month trading since 2011

Euronext posts strongest six-month trading since 2011

The FINANCIAL -- Euronext, one of the leading exchanges in the Eurozone, on July 3 announced trading volumes for June 2015 and enterprise-wide activity for the first half year. During the first six months of 2015, Euronext continued to assert its position as the largest Eurozone financing centre, posting the strongest six-month performance since the end of 2011 supported by favourable economic conditions.

The June 2015 average daily transaction value on the Euronext cash order book stood at €9,202 million (+54% compared with June 2014). Activity on ETFs remained particularly dynamic last month with an average daily transaction value at €587 million, up 106% compared to June 2014, according to Euronext.

Cash markets saw a material increase in trading activity across the first half of 2015, with an average daily transaction value for the period up 35% vs 2014. During this period, Euronext experienced three of the ten highest volume traded days since January 2012, and on 20 March the strongest single day of trading cash products of €18 billion since the same date. In the meantime, the continued focus on nurturing domestic market share meant it returned to 65% for the month of June in a highly competitive environment.

With 38 new ETF listings, Euronext continued to grow its franchise over the first half year and to innovate with the first money market ETF denominated in RMB listed on its markets. Assets under management reached a new record on Euronext with €279.4 billion (+74% compared to the end of last year). Euronext also experienced eight out of the ten highest volumes days since January 2012 and on 23 January the strongest single day of trading ETF over the period. Our warrants-certificates business has grown to its highest ever level, with 45,700 structured products live at the end of June and the number of listings increasing by 48% compared to the same period last year.

In June, the average daily volume on equity index derivatives was up at 286,072 contracts (+34% compared with June 2014), and the average daily volume on individual equity derivatives was down at 242,657 contracts (-3.1% compared with June 2014). On 23 June we reached a yearly record high on French individual equity option at 315,050 contracts, it was the second most active day since January 2014. The CAC40 futures contract remains Europe’s most heavily traded national index future and the second most heavily traded index future overall.

Activity on commodity derivatives was up 83% in June 2015 when compared to June 2014, with an average daily volume of 60,796 contracts traded which was largely due to adverse weather conditions in both Western Europe and in the Midwest Plains resulting in higher volatility for grains. Key growth milestones were reached on 15 June 2015 in the rapeseed meal complex reflecting early traction in this contract.  This brings year-to-date volume slightly above 52,700 contracts (+19% compared to 2014 YTD).

Over the first half of 2015, derivatives markets trading activity remained broadly flat vs 2014, with an average daily volume for the period of 547,586 contracts traded (-3.6% compared to 2014 YTD), while the second quarter was particularly dynamic with volumes increasing by 5% compared to Q2-2014. The agreement made at the end of 2014 with online broker DEGIRO for the Euronext retail investor activities in Amsterdam continued to deliver benefits.

In June 2015, Euronext had eight new listings, of which five were EnterNext SMEs, that altogether raised €2,057 million. In addition, €4.0 billion was raised in corporate bonds and €5.8 billion of follow-on equity.

Listings saw a marked increase in activity in the first half of 2015 with total capital raised on our markets of €61.7 billion compared to €57.8 billion in the same period last year.  The IPO activity across Euronext markets was driven by both large cap IPOs with eight operations of which five were IPOs (GranVision, Refresco, Elis, SPIE and Europcar) and three were technical listings (CNova, Klepierre and IFF) with a total of €4.1 bn raised and a total market capitalization at listing of €16.5bn; and by IPOs from SMEs, in large part thanks to the continued success of our EnterNext initiative with twenty transactions reaching €797 million raised (+45% compared to the same period last year).  In addition, total capital raised through follow-on equity increased by 47% during the first half year compared to the same period last year.