Euronext Amsterdam welcomes Flow Traders

Euronext Amsterdam welcomes Flow Traders

The FINANCIAL -- On July 10 Flow Traders celebrated its listing on Euronext Amsterdam. Trading in Flow Traders shares started this morning after its strong IPO.

Flow Traders is aleading, technology-enabled liquidity provider operating on a global scale that specialises in providing liquidity in ETPs by quoting bid and ask prices, enabling market participants to buy and sell ETPs efficiently. Flow Traders provides liquidity in over 4,000 ETP listings across the globe, tracking all underlying asset classes including equities, fixed income, commodities and currencies. Flow Traders is headquartered in Amsterdam with trading offices in Asia and the US covering all time zones, according to Euronext.

The total offering of Flow Traders was valued at € 521 million. After opening, the market price was € 34.00 per share. Based on the opening price, the total market capitalization of the company was € 1.58 billion.

Dennis Dijkstra, co-CEO of Flow Traders said:  “The listing today is an important milestone for Flow Traders. Our companywas founded in 2004 in Amsterdam and has since grown into a global fin tech company with over 200 employees. We feel that the listing fits our profile and will supportour growth strategy by further enhancing the visibility of our business and our reputation among institutional counterparties. We look forward to continue on our ambitious growth path as a listed company in the years to come.”

Sjoerd Rietberg, co-CEO of Flow Traders said: “We are thrilled to complete our IPO with today’s listing on Euronext Amsterdam. The strong demand we have seen from investors, their high level of recognition of our innovative business model and track record and the support for our growth strategy confirm our confidence in a bright future as a listed company. We would like to welcome our new shareholders and are thankful for the trust they have placed in our company.”

Maurice van Tilburg, CEO of Euronext Amsterdam, said: “We would like to congratulate Flow Traders on its successful IPO. A strong and highly developed market-making industry was developed from the Netherlands since the first European options exchange originated in Amsterdam. We are pleased to welcome this established, international liquidity provider to our market and to see the continued blooming listing activity on the Euronext markets with the addition of another leading company.”

Marc Léfèvre, Euronext’s Head of Listing added: “We’re pleased to welcome Flow Traders today. This IPO is yet another in a series of successful listings on our markets. In listings, we saw the strongest six-month performance since 2007 with total capital raised on our markets of € 61.7 billion, providing the ecosystem with capital for further development. These IPOs demonstrate the strength of our markets.”

To celebrate the listing, Dennis Dijkstraen Sjoerd Rietberg, co-CEOs of Flow Traders, sounded the gong in Amsterdam to open trading on Euronext’s markets.




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