ASX: Retirement of Director Jillian Segal

ASX: Retirement of Director Jillian Segal

The FINANCIAL -- The Board of ASX Limited (ASX) announces the retirement of Ms Jillian Segal, effective 1 September 2015.

Ms Segal has served for 12 years on the ASX Board, and was Chair of the Remuneration Committee, a member of the Audit and Risk, and Nomination Committees, and a director of ASX Compliance.

ASX Chairman, Mr Rick Holliday-Smith, thanked Ms Segal for her contribution to ASX, saying: “Jillian has helped guide ASX through an exciting and at times challenging period during her 12 years as an ASX director. She has made a valuable contribution to the company’s success and leaves a proud legacy. On behalf of all ASX stakeholders, I thank her for her service and dedication.”

ASX’s Board renewal program is ongoing. In the last 12 months, Mr Damian Roche (August 2014) and Ms Yasmin Allen (February 2015) have been appointed to the Board. Ms Allen will be standing for election at the 2015 Annual General Meeting, according to ASX.