Euronext announces monthly trading volumes for August 2015

Euronext announces monthly trading volumes for August 2015

The FINANCIAL -- Euronext on September 3 announced trading volumes for August 2015.

The August 2015 average daily transaction value on the Euronext cash order book stood at €8,619 million (+58% compared with August 2014). Activity on ETFs remained particularly dynamic last month with an average daily transaction value at €744 million, up 126% compared to August 2014. It was the most active August month in terms of average daily transaction value since 2007. Also a series of records were breached, including the most active day ever on 24 August with 4,478,154 transactions and the highest ETF daily transaction value on 25 August with €1,870 million traded on the order book.

August was the most active month of the year on financial derivatives. The average daily volume on equity index derivatives was up at 255,879 contracts (+9% compared with August 2014), and the average daily volume on individual equity derivatives was up at 298,062 contracts (+46% compared with August 2014). Several records were also established this month, including the most active day of the year on 24 August with 1,418,403 contracts traded and the most active day of the year for French individual equity options on 11 August with 350,265 contracts traded.

In August 2015, the average daily volume on commodities derivatives was up 38% when compared to August 2014, with an average daily volume of 67,185 contracts. This brings year-to-date ADV above 57,600 contracts (+23% compared to 2014 YTD). This includes the first transactions on our physically deliverable suite of futures products for Skimmed Milk Powder, Lactic Butter and Whey Powder in ARA1 area and Hamburg.

In August 2015, Euronext had one new large capitalisation listing, Altice on Euronext Amsterdam with a market capitalisation at listing of €21.9 billion. In addition, €2.9 billion was raised in corporate bonds and €0.1 billion of follow-on equity.