The FINANCIAL - NYSE Governance Services launches innovative service for corporate boards

NYSE Governance Services launches innovative service for corporate boards

NYSE Governance Services launches innovative service for corporate boards

The FINANCIAL -- The New York Stock Exchange, a subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange’s global network of exchanges, on December 10 announced a new initiative to support companies and their boards in navigating the ever evolving economic, business and regulatory landscape. FORGE – the Future of Responsibility, Governance and Ethics – is a quarterly forum of executives, directors and industry influencers that will produce actionable insights and meaningful data on the most pressing boardroom topics.

Convened by NYSE Governance Services, the leading governance, compliance and education solutions provider for companies and their boards, FORGE members will meet quarterly to explore, debate and problem solve around future trends in corporate governance, innovation in the boardroom and other topics of interest to C-level executives and directors. The sessions will be leveraged to create an innovative ePlaybook, which will be distributed to 20,000 directors and officers of publicly-traded companies. The content will also support further events, Corporate Board Member magazine, and a webinar series, according to Intercontinental Exchange.

“As stakeholders strengthen their calls for enhanced governance and compliance practices, the demands placed on boardrooms have never been greater,” said Adam Sodowick, President, NYSE Governance Services. “FORGE is designed to advance the ability of companies to innovate in the boardroom, benefit from a repository of collective knowledge, and set the standard for board education and benchmarking.”

The inaugural FORGE meeting was held December 2 at the New York Stock Exchange around the topic of cyber security. Participating in the roundtable discussion were Hon. Michael Chertoff, Executive Chairman of Chertoff Group and former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Hon. Michael Hayden, Principal, Chertoff Group, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and former Director of the National Security Agency; Steven Freiberg, Director, Mastercard and Regional Management Corp; General James Cartwright, Director, Raytheon and former Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; as well as executives and board members of several public companies. The roundtable was moderated by Betsy Atkins, President and CEO of Baja Corp and a public company director.

FORGE is the latest initiative by NYSE Governance Services, which delivers corporate governance solutions to more than 700 corporate clients, representing 4 million professionals, and including 40,000 board directors, CEOs and other C-level officers. At the core of NYSE Governance Services’ offering is Pulse, an interactive learning and analytics solution for employee compliance training that provides the data and insights needed to measure the real return on training investments, and identify and proactively address critical risk areas.