London Stock Exchange Group Joins Climate Bonds Initiative Partnership Program

London Stock Exchange Group Joins Climate Bonds Initiative Partnership Program

The FINANCIAL -- London Stock Exchange Group on April 7 announces that it has become the first global exchange group to become an official partner of the Climate Bonds Initiative. LSEG is a committed supporter of green finance and in July 2015 launched a full range of dedicated fixed income segments specifically designed for green bond issuance. Today there are 27 green bonds* listed on London’s markets in six different currencies, including Rupee and RMB-denominated issues.

Through FTSE Russell we also provide dedicated support to institutional investors in this area. The Group has long been at the forefront of developments in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) market, with FTSE having first launched the FTSE4Good index series in 2001. Since then a portfolio of sustainable and low carbon investment services has been built including the FTSE ESG Ratings, the FTSE Ex-Fossil Fuels Index Series and the FTSE Environmental Market Series. These products are underpinned by a data analytics platform and a dedicated global ESG business unit, according to London Stock Exchange Group.

Nikhil Rathi Chief Executive Officer, London Stock Exchange plc:  

“London Stock Exchange Group is a committed supporter of green financing and we see the transition to a low carbon economy as a major industrial trend. Developing London as a leading international hub for green finance is vitally important to the city and a key driver behind the launch of our dedicated green bond segments last year.”

“In addition to attracting and profiling green bond and equity listings through FTSE Russell we support institutional investors in defining climate factors and integrating them into benchmarks and portfolio analytics.”

“We are delighted to become an official partner of the CBI and look forward to further develop the market place; improving access for issuers, transparency for investors and growing the size and breadth of the green bond sector.”

Climate Bonds CEO Sean Kidney:

“LSE Group has taken a leading position amongst exchanges in supporting the development of global green bond markets. Having LSEG join our Partners Program sends a further and welcome signal to all stakeholders of the growing role green bonds can play in sustainable investment.”

“One of Climate Bonds objectives is to build robust and transparent assurance frameworks around green bond investment. LSEG is uniquely positioned to provide market based knowledge and perspectives as a Climate Bonds Partner. We look forward to working cooperatively on projects that build and strengthen the position of green bonds in providing climate finance solutions.”