Euronext announces volumes for May 2016

Euronext announces volumes for May 2016

The FINANCIAL -- Euronext on June 3 announced trading volumes for May 2016.

The May 2016 average daily transaction value on the Euronext cash order book stood at €5,932 million (-26.0% compared with May 2015). The activity on ETFs softened during May 2016 with an average daily transaction value at €447 million, down 18.6% compared to May 2015, while our ETF offer continued to expand, with 20 new listings this month.

The average daily volume on equity index derivatives was down during May 2016 at 195,333 contracts (-15.7% compared with May 2015), while the average daily volume on individual equity derivatives decreased, with 187,298 contracts (-12.4% compared with May 2015).

In May 2016, the average daily volume on commodities derivatives decreased by 17.2% when compared to May 2015, with an average daily volume of 38,906 contracts.

In May 2016, the overall average daily volume on Euronext derivatives stands at 421,754 contracts (-14% compared to May 2015) and the open interest increased to 15,699,618 contracts (+8.3% compared to end of May 2015).

In May 2016, Euronext saw market conditions improving for listings. Seven new companies joined Euronext markets, including Philips Lighting in Amsterdam, the largest IPO in Europe year-to-date with €750m capital raised (€3bn market capitalisation at listing), and five EnterNext SMEs, which altogether raised €1,228 million. Euronext also welcomed the listing of Coca Cola European Partners (€16bn market capitalisation at listing) in Amsterdam and London. In addition, during May 2016, €10.9 billion were raised on Euronext in corporate bonds, as well as €5.7 billion in follow-on equity.