SZSE Launching the Investor Services in Western Regions

SZSE Launching the Investor Services in Western Regions

The FINANCIAL -- To boost investor education and protection in western regions, and to meet the new requirements in the capital market in the new era to balance development between regions, Shenzhen Stock Exchange together with Guizhou Office of China Securities Regulatory Commission, China Securities Investor Services Center and Guizhou Securities Association initiated the activities of Investor Services in Western Regions in Guiyang recently.

The Department of Investor Protection of CSRC, the host and organizing units, relevant market institutions and 300 local investors were present at the opening ceremony.

“Investor protection is in the vital interests of thousands of people and has a direct bearing on social stability and security. It is a specific expression of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the Xi Jinping Era,” said an officer from the Department of Investor Protection of CSRC in the opening ceremony. “Strengthening investor protection is one important goal of strict market regulation and a reflection of the core values of market regulation. In recent years, to meet the needs of investors, CSRC has launched a series of innovative events such as building the investor protection system, risk education, investor rights and interests protection, centering on investor’s right to information, participate, and earnings, and the right of claim. Next, CSRC shall continue to improve and perfect the investor protection system, and take effective and practical measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of investors, especially those of small and medium investors. Investors are more vulnerable in remote and impoverished areas such as the mid-western and minority regions. The activities launched this time shall give impetus to the work on investor protection and education in western regions, and raise their awareness of risk prevention and help promote rational investment. It shall be a meaningful exploration,” added the officer.

As expressed by an officer from SZSE during his opening speech, protection of small and medium investors is in the interest of millions of citizens, a way of preserving social fairness and justice and practicing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and an embodiment of the idea of putting people first. Western regions play a strategic role in the national economy, and it is a national strategy to develop western regions to balance development of the country as whole. SZSE targeted and launched the investor services this time at western regions with two aims. First, to draw more market players to participate in investor education and protection via a variety of events of the said topic, and to raise western investors’ awareness to protect their legitimate rights and interests and of rational investment. Second, to further nurture the capital market in western regions, familiarize investors with the capital market, raise their risk awareness, enhance investment capacity, and consolidate a stable and sound capital market conducive to investment and the real economy of the western regions.

Co-hosts Guizhou CSRC and China Securities Investor Services Center expressed that they shall, in active response to the guidelines and policies of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, always put the legitimate rights and interests of investors at first in the capital market and conscientiously implement the arrangements with all parties in the market to protect the rights and interests of small and medium-sized investors, according to Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Following the opening ceremony were lectures on investor education given by lecturers from SZSE, China Securities Investor Services Center and AVIC securities encompassing case study of transaction compliance, investor behavior analysis, investor rights protection, macro-economic and finance analysis, etc. More events shall follow in Weng’an and Zunyi, and as per the arrangements of SZSE, still more of the same topic are to come in Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan and Guangxi.