Dutch Star Companies ONE Celebrates IPO on Euronext

Dutch Star Companies ONE Celebrates IPO on Euronext

Dutch Star Companies ONE Celebrates IPO on Euronext

The FINANCIAL -- Dutch Star Companies ONE N.V., a special purpose acquisition vehicle, began trading on February 22 on Euronext Amsterdam.

At opening, based on a reference price of € 10.00 per share, the total market capitalisation of Dutch Star Companies ONE (ticker symbol Ordinary Share: DCS1, ticker symbol Warrant: DSC1W) was approximately € 55.36 million.

DSCO is a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), incorporated for the purpose of acquiring a significant minority stake in a business with principal business operations in Europe, preferably in the Netherlands. The Company is powered by Oaklins, based on its successful launch of three Italian SPAC’s, by Oaklins Italy. The company is led by established Dutch seasoned executives as promoters; Niek Hoek, Stephan Nanninga and Gerbrand ter Brugge, the latter on behalf of Oaklins Netherlands, according to Euronext.

Once a concrete target business has been identified, the Company will enter into negotiations with the target business’ current owners for the purpose of agreeing transaction documentation appropriate for the potential Business Combination. Following completion of the Business Combination, it is anticipated that the holder of Ordinary Shares in the Company become shareholders in the target business directly.

Niek Hoek, Promoter and Executive DSCO, said: We are very happy to celebrate the IPO of Dutch Star Companies ONE today at Euronext Amsterdam. It’s the start of an exciting journey.

Stephan Nanninga, Promoter and Executive DSCO, said: Looking forward, our ambition is to realise a Business Combination within two years. The target company can benefit from both the knowledge and experience of the Promoters and the equity DSCO brings to the Business Combination.

Gerbrand ter Brugge, Promoter and Non-Executive DSCO, said: The Netherlands has a large number of qualified well managed companies, and we are convinced that Dutch Star Companies ONE offers an attractive alternative way to go public.”

DSCO celebrated their IPO by the sounding the gong, which denotes the opening of trading of the Company on Euronext Amsterdam.