Retail Estates lists on Euronext Amsterdam

Retail Estates lists on Euronext Amsterdam

The FINANCIAL -- Retail Estates began trading on Euronext Amsterdam on April 11.

Their listing on Euronext Amsterdam is in addition to its listing on their home market on Euronext Brussels, since 1998.

The company has a large real estate portfolio consisting of over 800 retail properties located in Belgium and the Netherlands, combining a surface of more than 975.000 m². This additional listing strengthens the company’s public profile and visibility on the Dutch real estate market and amongst Dutch investors, according to Euronext.

Jan de Nys, CEO of Retail Estates, said: ”Nine months after having entered the Dutch retail properties market, Retail Estates is listed on Euronext Amsterdam. During this period, Retail Estates invested in the acquisition of 8 Retail Parks consisting of 140 properties with a fair value of EUR 270,95 million. With these recent investments, almost 25% of Retail Estates’ portfolio is now located in the Netherlands. Our company has the ambition to become the reference on the out-of-town retail properties market in the Netherlands, a position we already have in our historical home market in Belgium.”

To celebrate the listing, Jan de Nys sounded the gong in Amsterdam, which denotes the opening of trading of the company on Euronext Amsterdam.