Financial Technology Research and Development Center of Securities and Futures Industry

Financial Technology Research and Development Center of Securities and Futures Industry

The FINANCIAL -- Financial Technology Research and Development Center of Securities and Futures Industry (Shenzhen) (hereinafter referred as “Financial Technology Center”) under Shenzhen Stock Exchange (“SZSE”) held 2018 mid-term seminar in the Capital Market College. More than 120 persons, including relevant principal of the Information Center of China Securities Regulatory Commission (“CSRC”), members of SZSE Technology Management Committee, consultants and experts of the Financial Technology Center, external honored guests and approved project representatives, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, recent work of the Financial Technology Center was informed, and the research progress and results report of ten approved projects from five research fields including entity portrait, intelligent service, model algorithm, block chain and cloud computing were made. It was agreed that all project participants closely integrated their own business to carry out the research on new technology innovation and application, and actively and firmly promote the project research work, with fruitful achievements gained in the first half year. Besides, it was stressed that the follow-up project research should be focused on specific topics to ensure the effective application of research results. Moreover, it was suggested that the joint construction and sharing mechanism on common industrial demands for data and computing resources and so on should be improved to promote the rapid development of financial technology research and application.

The relevant principal of the Information Center of CSRC highly commended the work efficiency of Financial Technology Center and research progress of the approved projects, and put forward three expectations for the next step. First, the ultimate goal of conducting project research should not rest on the establishment of a project, but on gradually establishing industrial technology standard and cultivating industry financial technology experts during research and development. Second, the future project research direction should be more comprehensive and strengthen technical research on application scenarios such as compliance auditing and risk control. Third, it is necessary to establish a research incentive mechanism in a timely manner from the perspective of promoting the value of the industry, and actively guide the development direction of industry financial technology research.

The relevant principal of the SZSE expressed his gratitude to various institutions of the industry for their interest and support for the Financial Technology Center. SZSE will continue to give a full play to its resource advantages, strengthen the integration of common resources of institutions in the industry, and overcome technological research difficulties with the industry's joint efforts. The Financial Technology Center will continue to improve its working mechanism, explore industry technology exchange seminar mode, and create a good research atmosphere for industrial financial technology.

The Financial Technology Center, approved by CSRC, is a service-oriented industry public research platform focusing on the development of financial technology innovation. On 28 March, 2018, the Financial Technology Center completed the formal establishment of the first 35 research projects. This mid-term seminar was a meeting that assessed the mid-term progress of the 2018 approved projects and guided the follow-up project research work, and was also an industry technical exchange meeting regularly held by the Financial Technology Center.