SZSE Held a Special Training Course on Integrity and Standardization of SME Board Listed Companies

SZSE Held a Special Training Course on Integrity and Standardization of SME Board Listed Companies

The FINANCIAL -- In order to further improve the information disclosure quality and standard operation level of listed companies, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (“SZSE”) recently held the first special training course on integrity and standardization of listed companies for SME board listed companies, shareholders and related parties who have been disciplined since 2017.

The training focuses on topics such as information disclosure, standard operation, share trading and change management, and disciplinary action, explaining regulatory policies and analyzing typical cases. More than 140 persons attended the training.

This training is a new measure to implement the comprehensive and strict supervision concept according to the law, prevent the compliance risks of listed companies, and improve the regulatory efficiency and service level. In 2017, a total of 43 disciplinary actions, including 15 public condemnations, 28 criticisms via circulated notice and 189 regulatory letters, were implemented for SME board listed companies. At the same time, the SZSE adheres to the concept of “integrating supervision in service, promoting supervision by service” for SME board listed companies, and continuously promotes SME board listed companies to strengthen the work in terms of integrity and standardization, information disclosure and corporate governance, etc., and help them understand and be familiar with the capital market through the preparation of the “Manual of Information Disclosure for the Board Secretaries” and regulatory communications, etc., and actively guides their compliant and standard operation.

Related officer of the SZSE pointed out that SME board listed companies have steady growth in performance under the guidance of the concept of “the board of integrity and standardization” in recent years, and a group of companies have become better and stronger with the help of the capital market. SME board has become the main platform for the champion enterprises of various industry sectors. SME board listed companies have played an active role in driving the transformation and upgrading of the real economy by innovation, serving the construction of the “Belt and Road”, promoting the coordinated development of urban and rural areas and supporting poverty alleviation, and provided a strong support for the high-quality development of the real economy. In the next step, the SZSE will continue to hold such special trainings to further strengthen service-oriented supervision, standardize the market order, purify the market environment, and promote the long-term stable and healthy development of the capital market.