Intercontinental Exchange Report

Intercontinental Exchange Report

The FINANCIAL -- ATLANTA & NEW YORK -- Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. one of the  leading operators of global exchanges and clearing houses and provider of data and listings services, reported September and Third Quarter 2018 trading volume and related revenue statistics.

“As supply-demand dynamics across global commodities continue to shift and geopolitical uncertainties remain, our customers come to ICE to manage their risk. This is driving rising open interest levels across our energy, agriculture and financial markets,” said Ben Jackson, President, Intercontinental Exchange.

September & 3Q18 highlights include:

September natural gas average daily volume (ADV) up 16% y/y

3Q18 Brent open interest (OI) up 8% y/y

Record 3Q18 emissions ADV up 65% y/y; September ADV up 68% y/y; OI up 27% y/y

3Q18 interest rates OI up 9% y/y

3Q18 Gilt ADV up 25% y/y; September ADV up 15% y/y; OI up 12% y/y

3Q18 equity indices ADV up 6% y/y, excluding Russell

3Q18 ags & metals ADV up 16% y/y; September ADV up 19% y/y; OI up 17% y/y

3Q18 NYSE cash equities ADV up 7% y/y; September ADV up 16% y/y

3Q18 equity options ADV up 31% y/y; September ADV up 33% y/y

3Q18 CDS gross notional cleared up 8% y/y




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