PEMCO Poll: Northwesterners fly the flag, but only sometimes

PEMCO Poll: Northwesterners fly the flag, but only sometimes

PEMCO Poll: Northwesterners fly the flag, but only sometimes

The FINANCIAL -- With Veteran's Day here, the latest poll from PEMCO Insurance suggests that Northwesterners aren't likely to show their patriotic pride by flying the stars and stripes. The Seattle-based insurer finds that just one in three residents say they display Old Glory on special occasions, while significantly more say they never fly the American flag at all.  

According to the PEMCO Insurance Northwest Poll, 43 percent of Washington and Oregon residents don't fly the flag, even on patriotic occasions. On the other hand, one-third (32 percent) say they only bring one out on certain days, while fewer – about one in five (21 percent) – keep an American flag displayed year-round.

But the poll finds that despite residents' modest embrace of our star-spangled banner, our patriotism outshines another point of Northwest pride – residents here are more likely to fly a U.S. flag than a flag or banner supporting the Seattle Seahawks.

"We thought we might find that our love for the Hawks would overshadow our patriotism," said PEMCO spokesperson Jon Osterberg. "But according to this poll, that simply isn't true. Though many of us see lots of blue and green regalia during football season, Northwesterners told us they fly American flags more frequently."

According to the poll, about one-quarter of Washington residents (26 percent) ever display a Seahawks-related flag, sign or banner at their home or on their vehicle. In Oregon, about 10 percent support the Hawks with flags, signs and banners.

Across both states, the likeliest flag-flyers are homeowners, but women are less likely than men to raise the stars and stripes (47 percent of women vs. 57 percent of men), and Portland Metro area residents are less likely than their Eastern Oregonian counterparts to ever display an American flag (44 percent vs. 50 percent).

The next time you hoist the American flag, whether it's a year-round tradition or a special occasion, PEMCO recommends keeping these tips in mind:

Consider buying American flags made in the United States.

Always keep the flag lit, either by daylight or another light source in the evening.

Never raise another flag higher than the stars and stripes.

Maintain a healthy flag, keeping it free of dirt or worn edges. When it becomes too worn, retire the flag in a dignified manner. Many American Legion posts, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts troops hold flag burning ceremonies on Flag Day.