Georgia: EU supports first beekeeping cooperatives’ forum

Georgia: EU supports first beekeeping cooperatives’ forum

The FINANCIAL -- On 11 March 2016, the EU-funded Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development, ENPARD, is organising the first Apiculture (beekeeping) Cooperatives’ Forum in Tbilisi, Georgia.

As a coordination platform for apiculture cooperatives and various stakeholders, the forum will provide space for a discussion of solutions to the current challenges in the apiculture sector, the country’s current and planned state programmes and initiatives supporting it as well as relevant legislation, according to EU Neighbourhood Info.

The event will be opened by Georgian Deputy Minister of Agriculture, David Galegashvili,  and Head of the Agriculture Cooperatives Development Agency, Giorgi Misheladze. According to ENPARD, representatives of the EU Delegation,  the Laboratory of the country’s Ministry of Agriculture, the Scientific-Research Centre, several Georgian professional associations active in beekeeping and agriculture, the Regional Information Consultation Centres, as well as cooperatives and other stakeholders will take part in the conference.

Georgia is currently benefitting from EUR 52 million in support for agricultural and rural development through the EU-funded ENPARD Programme. Launched in 2012, the Programme aims to boost the production of food and reduce rural poverty in Georgia. Besides the grants component, ENPARD also provides direct budget support to the Government of Georgia for the implementation of its agriculture sector strategy, and brings expertise and know-how to the authorities.