Bank Official Was Dismissed for Depositing the King of Ghana Cash

Bank Official Was Dismissed for Depositing the King of Ghana Cash

A top banking executive officer was immediately dismissed for not daring to implement the bank's anti-money laundering rules against the King of Ghana. He deposited for the king over $462,000 in cash.

According to The Telegraph, the ruler of the Kingdom of Ashanti, Osei Tutu II, asked Mark Arthur, the senior executive of the Ghana International Bank's London office, to deliver a bag with £ 200,000 and US$ 200,000 to the king’s house which is situated in Henley-on-Thames.

Mark Arthur took the cash and immediately deposited it into the Monarch's accounts at the bank’s City office. He also transferred $200,000 to an individual bank account at Standard bank in Jersey.

The deposit of such a quantity of cash triggered a special money laundering alert at the bank's office in the UK capital. The bank immediately reported these transactions to the National Crime Agency as doubtful.

The Agency inspected Arthur. After it, the bank fired the executive officer for not following anti-money laundering rules, as well as for violating security policies, because he was asked just to carry cash.

At his witness statement, he explained that without desiring to upset the monarch of his native country, he found himself in an entirely tricky situation he had never experienced before,” YEN Journal reported.

Osei Tutu II is one of the top-10 wealthiest monarchs in Africa. He is the most respected and powerful traditional figure in Ghana.