Week of Italian Cuisine in World 2017: The Extraordinary Italian Taste

Week of Italian Cuisine in World 2017: The Extraordinary Italian Taste

The FINANCIAL -- Tbilisi, Ambassy of Italy in Georgia. Italy and good food, a known combination in every corner of the world. The good taste, the attention to detail, the dedication that always distinguish the Italians in the kitchen seems to have no need for further promotion.

We do not think so. When you witness an excellence, it becomes a moral obligation to make it known as much as possible, to witness and spread its many declinations and nuances. Italian cuisine is a long tradition of tradition, but leaves room for new tales and new recipes. Reinventing and rediscovering is what keeps traditions alive; and we like to do it, always remaining faithful to the basic principles of our culinary history: balance of flavors, ingredients quality and passion.

In this second edition of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World our goal is to promote culinary and gastronomic traditions internationally as distinctive signs of Italian identity and culture.

The program of Tbilisi events that celebrate the Week is also this year rich and varied: starting with the unforgettable dinners prepared by the starry chef Nino Di Costanzo and the chef Francesco Morra - protagonist of a master class all to enjoy - to represent the best Italian contemporary creative cuisine, without forgetting Italian glory, the pizza, with pizza maker Attilio Albachiara, the winner of the 2016 Guinness World Premiere for the world's longest pizza.

Cinema, one of the arts that has always shown the good Italian relationship with the kitchen, with a double appointment for the projections of "Bread and Tulips "and" The Oranges of Montalbano "Science: a conference on the Mediterranean diet, a UNESCO immaterial world heritage, held by Professor Merendino, of the University of Tuscia, because" eating well "is not just a matter of taste. more TV appointments and interviews for our chefs, who will give you some of their creative secrets.