Terabank is introducing the new product – Convertible Deposit, on the market

Terabank is introducing the new product – Convertible Deposit, on the market

The FINANCIAL -- From now on, Terabank’s customers can use a new, innovative, product – Convertible Deposit. Key features of the product are a high-interest rate and flexibility during currency rate fluctuations.

In particular, Convertible Deposit allows customers to exchange the deposited amount into the desirable currency at any time throughout the deposit term without cancelation of the initial deposit. Number of exchanges is unlimited. It is a unique product on Georgian market. Terabank’s representatives say that the product’s creation was inspired by the current financial situation and market requirements.

“Currency rate fluctuation is rather focal issue. Considering the existing situation, we decided to offer the relevant profitable product. Customers can always make exchange operations, which will allow them to feel safe during currency fluctuations. The deposit responds to the customers’ current needs so well, that I think it will be interesting for many,” says Keti Mghebrishvili, Head of Terabank’s Retail Sales Department.

Opening the Convertible Deposit is free of charge and customers, wishing to use the product, will also receive additional gifts.

Terabank has also recently offered another innovative product called “Tourist Mortgage” to customers. This product is intended for those who want to purchase, renovate or improve the design of their real estate in Tbilisi or Georgia’s tourist regions for rental purposes, as well as the persons, who are in need of additional finances.

Terabank is responding to the market requirements and trends with the new product.