Luca Polare is 10 years’ old!

Luca Polare is 10 years’ old!

Luca Polare is 10 years’ old!

In 2008, Tbilisi, Leselidze Street on 20sq.m. area small ice-cream shop was open. This was 10 years ago and this was the first branch of Luca Polare.

The company now celebrates 10th anniversary and the 10 years history results are shared by company director.

Tato Makharadze, Director of Luca Polare:

"Luca entered the market with a high quality product and high standards of service, which was not an ordinary event for Georgian reality, so Luca soon drew attention and got positive assessment. At 10 years we have 13 branches in Tbilisi and Batumi. We keep positioning two main lines over these years: first, the product that is distinguished by the quality and standards of the market. Ice-cream is made with natural products. Do not use artificial additives for color and taste. We are preparing a live milk base, fruit frosts with live fruit. An ice-cream range of up to 60 species.

As for coffee, our coffee is a very interesting way ahead of us. Cereals are from South America, 100% of the highest quality Arabian households sent to a raw German family, which has a long history of coffee roasting. This family makes 8 different types of coffee and our highest quality mix is ​​sent to us.

And secondly, Lucas created an emotion and attitude that has been formed between Lucas and the customers over the years. The company's strategy is focused on rapid development and we are working to improve the product and service for 10 years. "

The chain of café-ice-cream shops lovely for everyone is Luca Polare and it is Georgian brand which works under international standards. The marketing concept of brand has been developed under leading German marketing company and the receipts for ice-cream have been specially made for Italian Culinary Company. 

Company during whole summer celebrates its 10th anniversary showing various activities and promises lots of pleasant surprises to its customers.