Galt & Taggart developed Government Pension Fund Calculator

Galt & Taggart developed Government Pension Fund Calculator

The FINANCIAL -- 1 August, 2018 -- Galt & Taggart has developed a Government Pension Fund calculator.

The calculator is based on a new pensions savings scheme of the government and allows defining the estimated pension. Specifically, any interested individual using the calculator can identify the savings amount over the specific period. The calculator is given on the Galt & Taggart official website.

“By developing the calculator the Galt & Taggart team gave the possibility to the savings scheme participants to calculate their estimated accrued pension. We take into account almost all the nuances of the pension savings law. Furthermore, our experts have developed additional assumptions based on the World best practices.

It is noteworthy that Galt & Taggart is the only investment bank in the country with a long-term experience of the private pension fund management. We hope that this reform will be successfully introduced in our country starting from 2019 and Galt & Taggart will have an opportunity to participate in the process of management of certain areas of the pension assets.”

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