Commuter Training: Who Uses Public Transportation?

Commuter Training: Who Uses Public Transportation?

The FINANCIAL -- While public transportation accounts for only five percent of commuting overall in America and a negligible half-percent in rural communities, it is a big contributor to the U.S. economy.

For 2007, The Aspen Institute put total U.S. spending on transportation at $2.4 trillion, which at 17 percent of GDP is “approximately the same as the nation’s spending on health care.”

Of the nearly 7 million workers who relied on public transportation in 2009, about 40 percent of them were in the Metropolitan New York area, according to RealtyTrac.

To find where usage was greatest outside New York City, RealtyTrac recently studied 2012 census data on U.S. zip codes with populations of at least 500. The results show three neighborhoods in which more than half of commuters are using public transportation to get to work, including a zip code in Boston with a population of more than 41,000.

Here are the ten zip codes with the highest usage of public transportation.