CASTELLO - Embrace an Italian way of life

CASTELLO - Embrace an Italian way of life

Imagine having just moved to the house of your dreams or having finished the seemingly never-ending process of renovations, all that remains to be done is to choose the elegant furniture and attractive decor that you and your spouse have always wanted.


Depicting the glamour of living an Italian lifestyle, Castello has made quite a statement since entering the market.

Following its debut in December 2018, in just a brief period of several months, Castello has managed to clinch exclusive deals with brands as powerful as Twils, Emu, Porada, Bruno Zampa, London Art, Reflex and several more, offering European designs for those in search of them.

The brand, although quite young, being powered by a team with almost a decade of experience, quickly drew up their winning strategy and gained a loyal customer base. Instead of establishing themselves as just a common retail store, Castello, aiming for bigger fish, put much effort into creating a trustworthy service of interior design.

Imagine being served by professional interior designers who study your taste, visit your house, come up with a dozen combinations of furniture and decor and guide you towards the satisfactory conclusion. Having control over details such as colour, material and even size, which could rightfully be deemed a scarce market resource, earns Castello the competitive edge in a field of such fierce competition.

“It was from the very beginning that the team made up their mind to collaborate with those brands who prioritize a personalized approach. Most manufacturers concentrate on a standardized approach, failing to grant customers the opportunity to awaken their wildest imaginations where the desired design meets reality,” stated the chief executive, Ivane Nadashvili in an interview with Glossy.

The 1000 m2 loft-type showrooms present a wide variety of furniture combinations ranging from bedrooms to living rooms, where customers are given a brief look at different styles. Due to rapidly rising demands, the management decided to extend the product range to mattresses, themed children’s bedrooms, outdoor furniture and much more – coming soon.

The moment you step foot inside, combinations of tasteful furniture are the first thing that meet the eye. After wandering through the colourful dimensions of minimalistic and enriched arts, comes the discussion with Castello designers over coffee, in an Italian atmosphere with the finest of 1960s classic songs playing in the background.

Provided that the client makes up their mind, all that remains is the delivery. Collaborating with the best in the logistics industry Castello guarantees timely delivery; the brand puts a huge emphasis on punctuality. Once the furniture arrives, it is checked for any unexpected faults, and if found, the item is replaced at the earliest convenience. The service ends with a feedback call, a warm goodbye and the potential for future deals.

Despite thriving for the title of most glamorous, Castello by no means targets only the wealthy. In fact, the brand aims to introduce the Italian way of interior design to the general public. The team believes that slick market positioning enables them to unite all fashion-lovers under an appreciation of glamorous interior design.

“We simply aim to introduce Italian lifestyle to Georgians, therefore we will stick to this vision. Deep at the company’s core, we are eager to serve those who prioritize interior design, therefore anyone who qualifies under the criteria is always welcome. Regardless of income, our team will recognise the budget and offer the most convenient of solutions,” stated the marketing manager, Melita Khotenashvili.

In Georgian society, where fashion has always been deeply celebrated, Castello has made quite a unique statement on the market. At first glance, one might consider them just retail, but the synergy of prominent designers and Italian households creates a service far more valuable. Having already accumulated a loyal customer base of dozens, the brand is to continue the unification of all those who appreciate the finest furniture and decor.

Hopefully now you and your spouse have a better idea of where to look for the interior you have always wanted.