Cool Off at Gino Paradise!

Cool Off at Gino Paradise!

Cool Off at Gino Paradise!

The FINANCIAL -- Gino Paradise, the multi-functional complex in Georgia, is offering its splash paradise and water adventure to guests, inviting them to experience its grand water-park and a unique, relaxing wellness and spa centre, fitness room and food courts. The promotion and encouragement of leading a healthy lifestyle remains on the agenda of Gino Paradise in 2016.

For this purpose Gino Paradise plans to further develop and improve its complex as well as its services. Very soon a new outdoor swimming pool will be opened at Gino Paradise. In addition, Gino Paradise plans to offer various cultural and adventure events, grand concerts, festivals, and the ‘Summer Gino Olympics’ this summer.

A new summer open-air pub and new coastal lounge are what Gino Paradise expects to attract a number of visitors. In these new areas guests will be able to enjoy the combination of ecologically clean surroundings with an exciting environment.

Turning Gino Paradise resort into a tourist hotspot is one of the goals of the company’s management. To achieve this, Gino Paradise is also developing a hotel chain, building a hotel which is a part of the Gino Green City project.

“We believe that fun and healthy ways of living are interconnected concepts. Our goal is to offer customers of any age a distinctive and unforgettable place of entertainment and relaxation. Gino Paradise is a four season resort, offering services 365 days a year,” said the Director General of Gino Paradise, Ramaz Mikadze.

It is always summer at Gino Paradise, claims Mikadze, citing as an argument the various activities they offer throughout the year.

As of today the Gino Paradise Water Park is one of the biggest attractions in Eastern Europe, particularly in the Caucasus region. It offers a 31-meter high water slide, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and recreation rooms.

Gino Paradise also includes a private coastal zone and offers visitors a comfortable coastline equipped with umbrellas, deck chairs, a variety of attractions, dressing rooms and showers.

Meanwhile, Gino Spa centre is distinguished by its aroma and health procedures as well as the variety of saunas and hydrotherapy that are available there.

Those who want to work out are gladly invited to visit the fitness centre which offers the latest cardio and strength equipment, aerobics room, which are designed for different types of training for the complex.

“Step by step customers’ behaviour has been changing and more and more people have the desire to visit Gino Paradise during all four seasons. We have loyal guests who constantly visit us. This proves that our daily hard work has provided results and we have gained the confidence of our customers. I think the biggest challenge and the biggest victory is precisely gaining the confidence of customers,” Mikadze said.

The most popular services at Gino Paradise are the wave pool, toboggans and spa centre.

“Our professionals offer unique massage and spa procedures and our customers love it,” Mikadze said.

Meanwhile, he added that the ‘Gino Junior’ birthday centre was opened this year.

“This year we offered a unique novelty to our customers. This is the birthday centre Gino Junior. Now it is possible to celebrate your birthday in the water world. It is one of the best birthday centres in Georgia nowadays. Gino Junior is gradually gaining a reputation and recognition among customers and is being established as a popular service,” Mikadze said.

He added that Gino Paradise is an ideal destination for individuals, friends and families. The services are suitable for people of any age or tastes.

Gino Paradise has recently won the most prestigious Georgian business award Golden Brand for the utmost success the complex achieved in 2015. Golden Brand was given to Gino Paradise for being the best sport-recreational complex in Georgia with professional staff and world standard service.

In total EUR 29 million was invested in the multi-functional complex Gino Paradise, and the project has since turned out to be commercially profitable for its founders.

Getting involved in the country’s hospitality sector and becoming a new player was another challenge for the Gino Paradise team. Hotel Dino was introduced to the Georgian hospitality market last year, proving popular with many.

“Tourism development in Georgia played a big role in developing not only the aqua park but starting a hotel business as well. There was big demand for hospitality services from our neighbouring countries’ citizens who are our keen customers. The majority of them come to Georgia’s capital Tbilisi to enjoy the complex recreation service with their families and friends,” Mikadze said.

Due to the fact that Dino Hotel is working at full capacity, Gino Paradise will soon introduce new types of hotel complexes such as cottages and apartment hotels too.