Security Company Algani Upbeat on Local Expansion

Security Company Algani Upbeat on Local Expansion

Security Company Algani Upbeat on Local Expansion

The FINANCIAL -- Algani, one of the leading security companies in Georgia, is planning to expand its business locally, enter the regions of Georgia and increase its capacity amid increasingly steep competition.

Security company Algani has been successfully operating in the sphere of security provision in Georgia for 11 years. During this time Algani has gained rich experience and established cooperation with leading Georgian companies and citizens.

Its team of high professionals and the latest technologies enable Algani to provide the best service to its customers while protecting their property or their lives.

“We are a company of rich experience in both the property security sphere as well as in the provision of personal or family security, which is proven by the successfully fulfilled security provision tasks with the thousands of customers we have served over the last 11 years,” said Grigol Nemsadze,, Director of Algani.

“Now the company is on its way to developing in the regions of Georgia, bringing high-quality service, modern high-tech security systems, professional staff and use of modern management principles there. The competition is very high, though we are sure to keep our leading position in the capital Tbilisi as well as in the regions,” he added.

Recently, Algani introduced a new service which involves securing the transportation of cargo.

“We have created a special department responsible for securing the transportation of cargo. Our partners are such distinguished companies in this field as security company JTI, Kuhne&Nagel, Transasia Logistics, and Spayka,” Nemsadze, said.

Stipulating all standards and requirements established by Georgian legislation on 1 March, 2009, Algani LTD became a licensed (#000021) security service with state registration #202246097, having once more proved its reliability.

Q. Please summarise the year 2015. What was the biggest news from that year?

A. New employees were added to the team of Algani, bringing new vision and ideas which ultimately reflected positively on the company’s activities.

Last year we implemented various innovative projects. Last year’s successful activities were crowned by receiving the Golden Brand award.

I want to thank the organisers of Golden Brand Awards - The FINANCIAL and Global Idea - for arranging such an important and useful business awards ceremony.

It is a big honour for me to receive Golden Brand, moreover when we are the first security company in Georgia to win this award.

Golden Brand is motivation for us to keep the name of favourite brand.

Q. Algani and Georgia’s Ministry of Defence recently signed a Memorandum. Could you please tell us more about this cooperation?

A. First of all I would say that Algani has always been involved in social projects. It is very important for us to support those people who have given their lives for their country.

The Memorandum that we signed with Georgia’s Ministry of Defence aims for Algani to employ the family members of soldiers who were injured in war.

We are more than happy to join this initiative and support the families of our heroes. Besides, Algani cooperates with the Georgian National Blood Bank and our employees give blood twice a month free of charge. Meanwhile, we also provide the security service to several museums in Georgia for free.  

To note, about 1,000 people are employed at Algani currently.

Q. What innovative products do you offer customers?

A. In cooperation with Bank Republic we offer a payment system via mobile and internet banking. Modern-day lifestyle requires every service to be flexible and easy. We help our clients to save time and pay from home or from wherever they are via mobile and internet banking. Furthermore, they can also pay via the payment machines which can be found at almost every street corner in Tbilisi.

One of our innovative projects is ‘moto-patrol’, whereby our operative groups move by motorcycle through Tbilisi’s streets. Moto-patrol is very helpful during traffic jams. In our business it is very important to be fast. Every second is extremely important when it comes to security. We are the only security company to provide this service.

Q. What do clients demand today?

A. Clients demand safety. Everyone wants to feel safe.

They demand high quality service. They require the best technologies and equipment and fast response to an alarm.

In terms of manpower service, the clients want to see disciplined and qualified staff.

Fortunately, Algani meets all the needs of our clients.

Algani offers the following services: security; alarm security; video monitoring; panic button; GPS monitoring; and manpower.

As of today Algani has 3,000 clients. The number of clients increased by 28 percent in 2015 compared to the previous year.