The FINANCIAL -- Aspria, the fitness centre network in Georgia, is offering the perfect environment to keep fit in, for professional sportsmen as well as fans of healthy living. Thanks to a good environment, professional trainers and all types of fitness equipment, Aspria has become the leader on the Georgian market, serving a largest number of clients.

The management of Aspria plans to keep its leading position in Georgia and promises to offer pleasant surprises throughout the year 2016.

“Like Golden Brand Awards became a brand itself, Aspria has become a synonym for fitness and healthy living in Georgia. It is not just a business project that is solely oriented on growing profit, but it is a group which is dedicated to developing the  fitness sphere in Georgia and establishing a healthy lifestyle,” Shareholder and General Director of Aspria, Levan Kajaia, told The FINANCIAL.

Aspria has been on the Georgian market for four years already. The first Aspria centre opened in 2012 while today Aspria is positioned with four centres in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi. Located in the most populated parts of the city - Saburtalo, Gldani, Didube and Vake - Aspria has become easily accessible for customers. Furthermore, working out at one of Aspria’s fitness centres is also financially affordable for people. Starting from GEL 15 (per one-day visit) everyone can use Aspria’s services. Unlimited membership for one month period will cost 99, while annual unlimited access costs 799. With unlimited membership you can visit any branch, at any time, 24/7 with no limit of entrances, even several times during the day.

As of today more than 30,000 people have visited Aspria fitness centres to perfect their bodies. The majority of them are men. Out of Aspria’s clients, 68 percent are men and 32 percent are women. Mostly people of the age of 15-25 work out at Aspria, but Kajaia said the most loyal clients are those in the age group of 25-35.

Meanwhile, Aspria also a one of the biggest and the fastest growing importer and distributor of sports nutrition products and supplements for athletes of all kinds. Aspria Nutrition offers products imported from Europe and the United States.

While recalling the time when Aspria first appeared on the market, Kajaia said it was very exciting to introduce and implement a new concept, to be pioneers, innovators and creatives.

“I remember so many sceptics telling me at the time ‘this will not work,’ and ‘you’re risking too much,’ but inside your heart you still believe that the project will definitely be a success. We created not only a project that was successful, but innovative as well. Aspria was the first company to have created a network of fitness centres in Georgia ever. Aspria was also the first fitness centre to offer unlimited and 24-hour service. We were also the first who conducted the international IFBB status Aspria Grand Prix bodybuilding championship in Georgia.” Kajaia said.

“Taking into account the fact that we are recognised as a company which creates a healthy lifestyle trend, it is not surprising that we received a Golden Brand,” he added.

Golden Brand is not the only award Aspria is proud of. The latest club, the Aspria Vake branch, was recognized as the best recently-opened fitness club at the international gathering of Star Trac distributors in London, England.

Star Trac, a one of the most fast growing and leading company in developing advanced equipment for the fitness industry, declared Aspria’s Vake branch the best club of 2014 in European countries, in the Eastern region and Africa.

Kajaia and his team were searching for an alternative way then just bringing any international and famous brand to Georgia in the form of franchising. He said having freedom in decisions and activities was very important to him.

“Despite the fact that we wanted to create a network of fitness centres in Georgia, we restrained about bringing any famous brand to Georgia. The cooperation with world’s No.1 fitness network “Golds Gym” was discussed with company’s franchise representative. Also a globally successful manufacturer of fitness equipment, “:Gym 80”, which is based in Germany, offered to jointly manage fitness centres in Georgia. But we have chosen freedom in decision-making processes as it was a biggest priority for us. First of all Aspria Fitness is a Georgian-German company, not vice versa and we saw as our mission to let as much as possible locals to get German standard fitness service.” Kajaia said.

The management of Aspria planned to open new branches in 2015 but due to the macroeconomic issues (devaluation of the Georgian national currency the Lari and overall situation in the region) “we shifted a bit opening new branches,” Kajaia said. However, he stated that the year 2015 was successful for Aspria. “We have a few surprises for our clients on the way. Honestly, it’s a bit hard to find an appropriate venue in Tbilisi, suitable for our needs. We have considered and rejected a lot of them. 

Q. It is true that Aspria was the first fitness centre in Georgia but now many others are opening. How do you compete with them and how does Aspria maintain its position on the market?

A. New players appeared in the sphere of fitness which merited our attention. The market is now growing. We welcome healthy competition. Moreover, healthy competition is very necessary to develop the company and the market. Healthy competition helps to improve the service and the formation of prices. As a result, the customer gets all the benefits in the end.

Despite the increased competition, Aspria is still the leader on the market. We are proud of our group of trainers which are very experienced and competent. This is very important for us to let our clients train under control of best professionals who has an international experience, are present athletes and prize-winners of national and worldwide competitions. During this period customers’ needs are also increased and the price and good equipment is not the only decisive factor. Success is much more complex and contains a lot of other components.

It is also very important to be distinguished by diverse service. Today we offer a spinning programme, aerobic programme and fitness programme. The spinning programme offers a cardio workout with the help of a virtual trainer; while the aerobic programme helps to make the physical activities fun and effective; and the fitness programme is aimed at weight reduction, gaining muscles or just staying healthy.

Q. Tell us the reasons why one should choose Aspria Fitness?

A. No one can beat it! Aspria Fitness is the only fitness gym chain in Tbilisi with all-in-one solutions for fitness, healthy lifestyle and more: best trainers, the best price, 24/7 service within the whole chain and unlimited access to all gyms.

Despite that Aspria Fitness has the most enhanced offer, the main reason is our passion – we want you to succeed. We want you to see the results: in the mirror, standing on scales or just in the surprised and admiring glances of people around you. That how we measure our success. That’s how we succeed together with our members and clients.