Stay Warm with Thermo Centre - Company enjoying 15% growth in sales, warming 3,000 flats in Georgia

Stay Warm with Thermo Centre - Company enjoying 15% growth in sales, warming 3,000 flats in Georgia

Stay Warm with Thermo Centre - Company enjoying 15% growth in sales, warming 3,000 flats in Georgia

The FINANCIAL -- Georgia-based company Thermo Centre is offering its customers the chance to enjoy a warm, cosy home and big savings. Thermo Centre has already helped to warm up 3,000 flats in Georgia.

Thermo Center was founded in 2001, at the time functioning under a different name. Since undergoing rebranding in 2014, the company has re-asserted itself on the market.

Since its reinvigorated appearance on the Georgian market it has become an active and successful company, recently receiving its first Golden Brand award.

“The year 2015 was very successful for us. We enjoyed 15 percent growth in sales. We introduced new products last year and offered a wider choice to our customers,” said the Director of Thermo Centre Davit Katamadze.

“We forecast better results for 2016 compared to 2015. We expect further growth,” he added.

Thermo Centre is opening its third showroom in the capital Tbilisi and plans to expand locally.

“We are opening a showroom which will be spread over 200 sq.m of territory. It is there that we will showcase all the products we offer to customers,” said Katamadze.

At present Thermo Centre has six branches - three in the capital Tbilisi; one in Georgia’s second largest city Kutaisi; one in the Black Sea resort town Batumi; one in Gori in Eastern Georgia; and one in Akhalkalaki in Southern Georgia.

“We want to add new stores in Telavi and Kutaisi. Our goal is to be represented by about 10 stores across Georgia,” he added.

The main activity of the company is importing materials for central heating, plumbing, water supply and waste systems in Georgia. The majority of materials are basically imported from Italy and Turkey.

Customers can purchase boilers; radiators; towel radiators; cold and hot water plastic pipes for plumbing installation; fittings; waste pipes; fan coils; chillers; gas and diesel fuelled switchers; helio power systems; expansion tanks; water boilers, and other devices.

More than 30 people are working at the company at present in administration and dozens as contractors (developers and craftsmen).

After developers’ ensuring of a construction project, planning, projecting and making up an estimate, customers can purchase products at branches of Thermo Centre. The final stage is the delivery and installation of the products by craftsmen.

Thermo Centre offers high quality products and service at affordable prices.

“We are breaking down stereotypes that central heating systems are too expensive for the average consumer, and offer our customers prices per square meter from GEL 17. Thermo Centre guarantees European quality of products and materials. Radiators, boilers, towel radiators, pipes, fittings and all other materials for a central heating system are available to customers,” said Katamadze.

Q. What are the current trends in heating systems and does Thermo Centre follow them?

A. Condensing boilers are the new trend in Europe and we are also following it.

Condensing boilers are water heaters fuelled by gas or oil. They achieve high efficiency (typically greater than 90 percent on the higher heating value) by condensing the water vapour in exhaust gases and so recovering its latent heat of vaporisation, which would otherwise have been wasted.

In Europe selling standard boilers is already prohibited. Now the era of condensing boilers is coming.

Meanwhile, we have added helio systems to our offers, trying to develop alternative energy.

Q. Who are your partners and have you added new ones?

A. Our partners are Italian and Turkish companies. We are currently negotiating with a Polish company. Polish people compete very well with Turkish producers as they offer European quality at affordable prices.

Our current partners are Thermaflex International; Pansa Group; Dab Pumps Spa; Angora Radiator; BERUSSA Temperature Devices; Chigo Group; Chaffoteaux; Mesa Teknik; Adentherm; Radiatori Digiline; Badelite, and many others.

Quality is one of the most important things that we pay huge attention to. We strictly control all products that we import from our reliable partners to ensure high quality.

Q. Thermo Centre won Golden Brand recently for its successful activities in 2015. What was the main success that brought the company this recognition?

A. High quality products, high quality service, the 24-hour hard work of our team - all of these are the reasons that brought us success. The success is that our customers trust the products and service we offer. The success is that the number of our customers is increasing.

We are proud to have a Golden Brand. We also are very thankful for this recognition.

We hope to receive other Golden Brand awards in the years to come as well.