Ambitious Plans of TV Pirveli Include Getting to Third Place on the Georgian Market

Ambitious Plans of TV Pirveli Include Getting to Third Place on the Georgian Market

The FINANCIAL -- TV Pirveli is paving the way to become the third most powerful TV company in Georgia with reinforced branding and a stronger appeal to key audience segments.

This young TV company appeared on the Georgian market in 2015 and after just a year’s period of time has gained popularity and a loyal audience. Today TV Pirveli is one of the most popular TV channels in Georgia.

But this is not enough for the management of TV Pirveli, who plan to further improve the company’s position and achieve a decent place among the giant companies on the market.

“Today we are holding 5-7th place in the ratings, which is a good result taking into account the fact that TV Pirveli has been on the market for only one year. Our ambition is to be included in the list of the top three most popular TV companies in the nearest future,” said Nana Aburjanidze, Commercial Director of TV Pirveli.

And works are already underway which include further development of the online platform of TV Pirveli, producing more diverse content and launching new programmes.

TV Pirveli, whose slogan is ‘In the Heart of Events’ is proud to create high-quality content in the social, political and economic directions, reported in an objective way.

Q. How did TV Pirveli manage to become one of the most popular TV channels in Georgia in just one year?

A. At first TV Pirveli was created as a sports channel, but it soon transformed into a general broadcaster channel. The reason was that we understood it was impossible to gain recognition as a sports channel.

Meanwhile, some very famous journalists had been let go from larger TV channels at the time. Their programmes had been shut down due to various reasons, and we invited them to join our TV company. We created an environment where editorial freedom is guaranteed. 

Famous faces like Inga Grigolia, Nino Jhijhilashvili, Vakho Sanaia, Diana Trapaidze, Giorgi Isakadze with his team - ‘brought’ their loyal viewers and contributed significantly to our general popularity. These are people who have helped create Georgian journalism as it is today and we are proud that they are part of the TV Pirveli team.

Inviting famous faces would not be enough if we did not also create high-quality and interesting programmes. First of all we strengthened our political talk shows and added the business-news direction.

Now we want to introduce entertainment and cognitive TV programmes and social-themed talk-shows. We have ambitious plans for this direction.

We have also started presenting very interesting and catchy soap-operas.

We are in the process of making our TV content as diverse as possible.

Q. What are the recent developments at TV Pirveli?

A. This year TV Pirveli managed to cover the territory of Georgia fully and now the entire population is able to switch to this channel.

This year we have strengthened all of our multimedia channels, namely we relaunched our website, which covers stories quickly and in a very interesting way; added very diverse content to our YouTube channel; and offer Facebook audiences live broadcasting of news and political shows.

We are now planning to create a mobile application to offer our viewers even more comfort while watching us.

Q. Is running a TV company a profitable business in Georgia?

A. We have bust the myth that a TV company cannot be profitable, that the television industry does not generate enough money in Georgia.  It is possible to create a good quality and profitable TV channel when proper management of financial, human and technical resources are in place.

It is only one year since launching TV Pirveli in the new format and we have already experienced profit. Expenditures are growing rapidly, but income is also increasing and fortunately, our income is always higher than expenditures.

We have created a sales house ‘Sales Pros’, which generates large volumes of advertising income via a team of sales professionals. While negotiating with large companies to bring advertisements to TV Pirveli, we are also focused on Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) thus creating a new market of advertisers.

The SMEs work hard to grow and develop their businesses, therefore they are the ones that really need help with the promotion of their goods and services. In the past many SMEs did not invest in advertising considering that they needed to grow more in order to be able to afford to pay adverting dollars.  But today they have become more and more aware that if they do not increase their Share of Voice it is harder to grow their market share. Subsequently, we offer them the best platform for spreading their advertising messages and establishing communication with future customers. Affordable pricing and a vast choice of advertising opportunities puts us in a favourable position among our advertisers.