Lisi Development completes second district of Lisi Green Town this year

Lisi Development completes second district of Lisi Green Town this year

The FINANCIAL -- Lisi Development, the first development company of its kind in Georgia, established in 2010, continues to develop the territories around Lisi Lake, one of the most beautiful recreational areas in Georgia’s capital and just a short drive from the city centre in the bustling Saburtalo district.

“We plan to develop the territory around Lisi Lake and make it more entertaining. By doing this we want to encourage more people to visit Lisi Lake and spend time there. We plan to build more parks and plant more trees in the area. We strive to offer customers the highest standard of residential district at Lisi,” said Nodar Adeishvili, General Director at Lisi Development.

Meanwhile, the company is successfully completing all the stages of implementation of its project ‘Lisi Green Town’. Green Town is attracting more and more customers thanks to the ecologically clean environment Lisi Development has created for them.

“At this stage the first district of ‘Lisi Green Town’ is already inhabited, where about 200 families live. Construction of a second district is due to be completed by the end of this year. After that we will start building the third district. Works will start in 2018,” Adeishvili said.

Lisi Development recently won the most prestigious and influential business award in Georgia - Golden Brand, for the third year in a row.

There are a number of reasons behind Lisi Development’s Golden Brand win, of which one of the most important is its concept - ‘80/20’. The idea of 80/20 is to allocate 20 percent of its territory for buildings, and the remaining 80 percent - for parks, planting and public spaces.

“We received a Golden Brand award because Lisi Development is a distinguished company on the Georgian market as it is establishing innovative standards. We are a green company whose concept is 80/20. Constant transformation and novelty has always been the main goal of our company and this helped us to be recognised as the best development company at Golden Brand,” said Adeishvili.

Besides planting trees, Lisi Development is the first company in Georgia to have launched waste sorting. The company has placed special waste containers in different locations across its property, so its residents can separate their discarded items.

“We are always looking for new initiatives, which are in line with the concept of Lisi Development and offer an ideal atmosphere for its residents. Having a healthy and clean environment has always been a core principle of the company,” Adeishvili said.

The company, with a focus on creating an ecologically clean environment, is the first among Georgian developers to have decided to install a charging station for electric vehicles on its property.

“So far only one of our resident families owns an electric car, but our company will do its best to promote electric cars among our inhabitants and open more charging stations for them in ‘Lisi Green Town’,” said Adeishvili.

Q. How does the company attract new inhabitants to ‘Lisi Green Town’?

A. We use different marketing means to attract new inhabitants. Also, we maintain friendly relations with our existing ones.

For us the biggest advertisement is satisfied residents.

We also have very good conditions for buying property in ‘Lisi Green Town’. In cooperation with one of the leading banks in Georgia – TBC we created very flexible payment conditions where at least 10 percent of the total price must be paid upfront while the rest of the money can be divided into payments spread over 15 years.

Q. Apartments in ‘Lisi Green Town’ are distinguished by their special and new architectural style. Who is in charge of the visual aspect of the buildings?

A. In order to offer our customers a beautiful environment inside and outside their homes we created the subsidiary company Lisi Renovation. The company offers Lisi inhabitants a full range of renovation services such as the measuring of works, designer service, creation of 3D interior design, selection of materials, all kinds of renovation work, and furnishing apartments with furniture, technical equipment and accessories.

Lisi Renovation exclusively serves Lisi inhabitants.

We also work with leading architects from Georgia and Italy. We are building 5-6 storey residential buildings where customers can choose a duplex with their own yard. We also offer penthouses and villas.

The construction materials we use that come from Europe are of the highest quality and are energy efficient. Thanks to them our inhabitants save 30 percent on utility fees.

Q. Lisi Development is famous for its contribution to greening the Lisi Lake area. What are the major works which the company has done in this direction?

A. We have been developing the Lisi Lake area since 2010 - the time we started construction of ‘Lisi Green Town’. During this time, we have planted more than 10,000 trees, of which 3,000 were planted within the last three months.

We have added jogging and bike tracks around the lake. Sports facilities and playgrounds have been built, a new open-air café, boating point, and beach for sunbathers.

About 50 people are employed every day to make sure that the area surrounding Lisi Lake is always clean and beautiful.

You may not have heard about the natural thermal springs that exist around Lisi Lake’s territory. Lisi Development renovated an old bath house in 2014. Now you can enjoy the healing waters of the sulphur baths, bath-house attendant service, and beautiful views from the bath’s terrace.

One of the main distinctive features of our projects is greenery and sustainable landscape design. For this reason, Lisi Greens - a plant nursery, is a logical addition to the project. Lisi Greens nursery offers a particularly wide range of quality plants exclusively from Italy: evergreen and deciduous flowering trees and shrubs, rare species of fruit trees, Japanese maple, Liana, bonsais, Rose and Juniper collections.

Q. Do you plan to implement a similar project in other parts of Tbilisi or in another city of Georgia?

A. At this stage the company is only developing its own territory around Lisi Lake.

Q. How has the construction sector and real estate market been developing in Georgia?

A. As competition is increasing impressively in the city it becomes more complicated to maintain high quality in the construction sector. Every company that is offering low-quality products to customers will leave the sector as time goes on.

Q. Besides Golden Brand what other awards is the company proud to own?

A. Golden Brand is not the only award which has been given to Lisi Development for its unique activities. Lisi Development has also been announced the winner of several nominations for different international awards.

Lisi Development won the nomination ‘Best Green Project’ at the EU GEO awards.

Lisi Development has won several nominations in one of the most prestigious awards in the real estate market - the International Property Awards, for the sixth year in a row. This year the company won two nominations for two different projects - ‘Lisi Green Town’ and ‘Lisi Tower’.

Last year the company won the nomination for ‘Best Green Developer’ in the awards held by European CEO, which is a leading subscription-based print and online publication, delivered quarterly to c-suite executives in 28 countries throughout Europe.