Tegeta Motors Strives to Make Georgia’s Automobile Industry Leader in the Region

Tegeta Motors Strives to Make Georgia’s Automobile Industry Leader in the Region

The FINANCIAL -- Tegeta Motors, the largest auto company in Georgia, is planning to open more branches in the country and conquer new markets in other countries in the Caucasus and Central Asia.

“Today Georgia is the leader in the banking and tourism fields. Our goal is to make Georgia a leader in the automobile industry too. I am sure that we will achieve this goal and the year 2017 will be the start of this ambitious initiative,” said Giorgi Mshvildadze, Deputy General Director of Tegeta Motors.

The year has already started very promisingly for the company. This year Tegeta Motors has opened a new branch in Baku, Azerbaijan, and expanded its presence in Georgia. Mshvildadze mentioned that new important contracts were also signed with partner companies this year.

Tegeta Motors offers its corporate and retail customers a full range of auto services, including light and heavy vehicles, bus, construction and specialised equipment diagnostics and repair with special authorised programmes.

About 1,500 people are employed at the company. It serves up to 10,000 corporate clients, up to 2,000 overhaul objects and about 250,000 loyal customers. The company is distinguished for its subtle commercial infrastructure and unites 21 branches in Tbilisi, Batumi, Rukhi (Zugdidi), Poti, Kutaisi, Akhaltsikhe, Gori, Telavi, Marneuli and Akhalkalaki. The company is successfully represented in the Transcaucasian market.

After 22 years of excellence on the Georgian market Tegeta Motors was recognised for contributing to the development of the country’s automobile industry by local experts, who awarded the company a Golden Brand. Furthermore, Tegeta Motors was awarded the title of Best Employer Company in Georgia.

“Tegeta Motors has been operating on the Georgian market for 22 years already. During this time the company annually has been taking care of high technological development supported by world leading brands, with western knowledge, by sharing experience and with the introduction of all the above-mentioned into its own activities,” said Mshvildadze.

“Tegeta Motors is permanently quality-oriented, and the unchanged motto of the company reflects this: ‘It is time to choose quality’. Tegeta Motors is the first company to create a multi-service auto centre in Georgia which has no analogue in the Caucasus,” he continued.

“We are market leaders in Georgia, setting the highest standards of service and implementing a new culture of auto service in the country. Our aim is to export unique know-how, created by us through multi-year successful development,” Mshvildadze added.

Q. This year you received the Golden Brand award for two nominations. While naming your company as their favourite brand, the experts took into account the utmost success Tegeta Motors achieved in 2016. Could you please highlight the most important developments of the previous year?

A. Tegeta Motors completed the year 2016 with 20 percent growth. Despite the challenging economic environment where the competition was very high, the total growth of the company reached 50 percent. However, in another direction growth even reached 80 percent.

Last year we opened new branches and expanded the existing ones in the capital Tbilisi; Black Sea town Batumi; Georgia’s third largest city Kutaisi; and in Rukhi, a village in the western Georgian city of Zugdidi.

As a result the daily flow of cars has increased by 300 cars and today Tegeta Motors branches serve more than 1,200 cars.

The number of our loyal customers has increased by 21 percent and today the company serves about 250,000 loyal customers.

Last year we also significantly developed the distribution network and enjoyed a higher number of corporate customers.

Q. One of the reasons Tegeta Motors won Golden Brand this year was the highest standards of service that have been introduced by the company in Georgia. Please tell us, what unique service has Tegeta Motors brought to the Georgian market?

A. First of all I want to highlight that Tegeta Motors is distinguished by its highest quality service. The high-level service and service-centres of international standards preconditioned the fact that Tegeta Motors (for the first time in Georgia) in the field of sales and service received international quality certificates of the following standards: ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008 and then ISO 9001:2015.

With the purpose of automation of business-processes and increase of work efficiency, Tegeta Motors in Georgia was the first to introduce the automated modern programme for business management and business processes administration - SAP.

Tegeta Motors always strives to create a comfortable environment for customers. Having this goal in mind the company introduced ‘service plus’, which includes the following services: Tegeta Comfort, Tegeta Card, Pre-reservation Service, My Car History.

Our company always looks to deepen knowledge and seek new opportunities. Innovativeness, dynamics and a constant striving for improvement are our daily life’s work.

Q. Customers occasionally complain about the high prices at Tegeta Motors. What would you say to that, how affordable is Tegeta Motors’s service for customers?

A. The production which is available at Tegeta Motors is absolutely appropriate for its price. We offer different segments of products at different prices. Of course the premium brands such as Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental, Mobil1, Motul, Varta, ZF, Hengst and others are distinguished by the best quality, and the price also reflects the service of course.

We have been encouraging our customers with different discounts and campaigns for many years already, which enables them to enjoy different services at more affordable prices and conditions.

Q. How has Tegeta Motors been developing in Baku and what are the future plans there?

A. The Azerbaijani market is larger than the Georgian one. This is the reason why that market is interesting to us.

We think the company will achieve big success there as no other type of company like Tegeta Motors exists in the rest of the Caucasus region.

We think that positive trends will be visible from the summer, after which we will start expanding the existing service centre in Azerbaijan.