Security Company Algani Opens New Headquarters with Training Centre

Security Company Algani Opens New Headquarters with Training Centre

Security Company Algani Opens New Headquarters with Training Centre

The FINANCIAL -- Algani, one of the leading security companies in Georgia, is building a new headquarters in Georgia’s capital of Tbilisi, where a new training centre will also be located.

The new headquarters will be located in the Saburtalo district of Tbilisi, which will be opened in October this year. Meanwhile, Algani is continuing its regional expansion, opening new offices all around the country. “Our team and business have increased significantly and we saw the need to move into a new headquarters. We are also expanding our activities and opening a training centre in the headquarters. It is there that the bodyguards will be able to improve their qualifications after proper trainings. Georgian as well as foreign specialists will conduct these trainings,” said Valeri Gogaladze, Director of Algani. “This process has not finished yet. Every year we enter new regions of Georgia and expand our activities on the market. Algani is the largest security company in Georgia today, and employs about 1,500 people,” he added.

The successful activities that were introduced by Algani last year were crowned by receiving one of the most prestigious and influential business awards this year - Golden Brand.“I would like to thank the organisers of the Golden Brand Awards - Global Idea and The FINANCIAL - for arranging such an important and useful business awards ceremony. We are proud to be named a favourite brand of Golden Brand for the second time in a row. This recognition was as a result of our team’s hard and effective work, which also results in the high quality of service that we offer to customers,” Gogaladze said. Security company Algani has been protecting the property and lives of thousands of customers in Georgia for 13 years already. During this time Algani has gained rich experience and established cooperation with leading Georgian companies and citizens. Algani is proud of its high-quality service, modern high-tech security systems, professional staff and its modern management principles. Thanks to all of these advantages Algani is not afraid of the growing competition, believing it will keep its leading position in the capital Tbilisi as well as in the regions of Georgia. 

Q. Last year Algani introduced a new service which involves securing the transportation of cargo. How high in demand has this service become? 

A. We have actively started working on this new direction, which involves securing the transportation of cargo. The service has become very highly demanded as there was a need for this service on the market. Last year we had only one large importer company who used this new service. But this year we have already served several famous international transport companies and secured the transportation of their cargo. 

Also we have signed the contract with Armenian Railway and we secure the trains on the rout Batumi-Erevan on the territory of Georgia. Last year we also started several innovative projects which are developing successfully. 

The projects are about technological and programme development. We are still in the development process and we will release more detailed information once the projects are completed.

Q. You won Golden Brand thanks to your successful operations in 2016. Please summarise the year 2016 and tell us what the most important achievements of that year were? 

A. Despite the fact that there was economic crisis in the country, the year 2016 ended very successfully for Algani. Compared to the previous year we had significant growth in our number of customers. That year we also gladly welcomed GPC pharmacy network and ICI Paris perfume network to our client list. We opened regional offices in several towns in Georgia such as Kutaisi, Gori, Khashuri and Akhaltsikhe in 2016. Regional expansion remains the main direction for the company. This year we have already opened new offices in Telavi and Marneuli. We are also proud to secure one of the most strategic projects of Georgia - the Qartli Wind Farm, which was constructed by the largest international company VESTAS. 

After the completion of the project VESTAS and the EBRD positively assessed our service and gave us the highest rating, which we are very proud of. 

Q. You said that the number of your customers has increased. By how much?

A. As of today we protect the properties and lives of about 4,000 customers. This is a 30 percent increase compared to the previous year.

Q. What do clients demand today?

A. Clients always demand high quality service. There is high competition in our segment anthis encourages us to always be the best. Our customers feel safe with us and this gives us the greatest pleasure. Our customers know that with Algani they will have the fastest response to an alarm and will be protected by professionals, with the best technologies and equipment. Algani offers the following services: Guarding; alarm security; panic button; video monitoring; GPS monitoring and escorting. 

Q. Which famous companies are among your customers? 

A. First of all I want to say that all of our customers are very dear to us and we provide an equally high standard of service to all of them. As for the famous ones, there are: Tbilisi Mall; m2 real estate; Expo Georgia exhibition hall; Bank of Georgia; Imedi L; Aldagi; McDonald’s; Bitfury Data Centre and many others. And we are very proud of our customers and would like to thank them for their loyalty and for choosing us.