British Concept PSP Pharmacies Will Be Available All Over Georgia in 2017

British Concept PSP Pharmacies Will Be Available All Over Georgia in 2017

British Concept PSP Pharmacies Will Be Available All Over Georgia in 2017

The FINANCIAL -- The Georgian medical company PSP Group is continuing to make healthcare affordable and accessible to Georgian people with a new format, which guarantees better service in a more comfortable environment.

“After 22 years of operating on the Georgian market, PSP Group now offers a new concept to its customers. The renewed PSP has three zones: beauty, health and family care zones,” said Director of the Pharmaceutical Company PSP Group, Gocha Gogilashvili.

“The beauty zone is raspberry-coloured and offers the highest quality beauty products from French and other European producer companies. The family care zone is painted yellow and is attractive for those with children, while the health zone is full of pharmaceutical products and is painted green,” he added.

The new concept stores for PSP are design by British experts and have no analogue, neither on the Georgian market nor in any post-Soviet Union country.

“Thanks to British experts we created an innovative PSP and have called it ‘more than a pharmacy’. PSP has always been an innovation-oriented company. It was one of the first companies in Georgia that appeared on the market with its own logo and today PSP’s logo is synonymous with high-quality products and service,” said Gogilashvili.

“Keeping the leading position and a prestigious image on the market for such a long time is no easy task, but PSP always manages to achieve this goal thanks to the hard work of our highly professional employees and innovative decisions,” he added.

The first new concept store of PSP was opened in May 2016. Since then over 40 new concept stores have been opened all around the country.

“This year we have already opened our stores in those areas where we have not been represented before. These areas are Sachkhere, Bakuriani, Dedoplistskaro, Akhalkalaki. All the new stores are designed according to the new concept. We plan to complete the rebranding process this year,” said Gogilashvili.

The name of the company - PSP - is an abbreviation of the Latin expression ‘Paulatim Summa Petuntur’, which in English means ‘step-by-step to the peak’. And the company constantly strives to justify the main idea of its name.

The company always strives to be an innovator and implement new decisions on the market.

It is possible to buy PSP products from PSP’s online store and mobile application. More than 30,000 users have downloaded the mobile application so far, however buying products via mobile application or online store is not in high demand nor particularly popular yet in Georgia.

In recognition of its successful and innovative activities PSP won its 12th Golden Brand at the 12th awards ceremony, meaning that PSP has never let the award go to any other company operating in the same field.

Q. The ‘My Family Card’ of PSP is marking its 10 year anniversary this year. Thanks to this card PSP Group received Golden Brand in a second nomination. What are the main advantages of the ‘My Family Card’ and how did it become so successful?

A. ‘My family card’ is an accumulative card, on which customers accumulate ‘smiles’ per every item purchased at any pharmacy of PSP. The accumulation of smiles is possible with the purchase of any product, including discounted products. By accumulated smiles, consumers are able to build up to getting ‘gifts’ from any of PSP’s pharmacies as well as from its online catalogue.

It has now been 10 years since the ‘My Family Card’ first became available to customers. Thanks to them our customers have received many benefits.

At first the main function of the card was to accumulate smiles and people could get gifts by spending these smiles instead of money. Later we started a lottery to encourage those customers who owned a ‘My Family Card’. They are also able to choose gifts from an online gift catalogue which is available at the website 

This year the ‘My Family Card’ acquired a new function and became a discount card too. Besides the accumulation of smiles owners can get six percent discounts on any products at any store of PSP.

Today 1,600,000 people have a PSP card, of which more than one million are active customers.

Q. Which new products have you introduced recently?

A. PSP is much more than just a pharmacy, offering the best solutions for health and beauty.

We have recently added the production of Solgar, which is a world famous producer of vitamins, herbs, supplements and more; French producer Bioderma, Spain - Lea and many others.

This year we have added seven new products to the GMP pharmaceutical enterprise production. To remind readers, PSP Group started drug production within its daughter company GMP in 2000 and manufacturing more than 150 title of medicines. Medicines produced in Georgia are already exported to more than ten countries.

As of today, PSP offers over 30,000 products in total. We will continue to add new products in the future as well.