Georgian Lift Company Elevating Service to the Next Level

Georgian Lift Company Elevating Service to the Next Level

Georgian Lift Company Elevating Service to the Next Level

The FINANCIAL -- Georgian Lift Company is bringing modern technologies and solutions to the Georgian market, offering customers a large range of elevators, escalators and various lift equipment, with differing price ranges, from economic to exclusive.

Starting from the design of the building requirements, including exploitation services, Georgian Lift Company offers a full range of high quality services.

Georgian Lift Company has been operating on the Georgian market since 2008 and year-after-year the company has been constantly bringing innovative ideas to the local market. For this reason Georgian Lift Company received one of the most prestigious and influential business awards in Georgia - Golden Brand.

“With the support of our partners, our staff regularly improve their qualifications directly on the producer’s site, which allows us to offer high quality service. Our company is distinguished for its quality, its aspiration to be always innovative, and for being a responsible company. We are glad that these efforts have not gone unnoticed by the Golden Brand team and that they have recognised our company with this special award,” said the Director of Georgian Lift Company, Vato Chkheidze.

While Georgian Lift Company received the Golden Brand for its utmost successes and developments in 2016, the company is continuing the implementation of new projects this year as well.

“First of all, our company has recently introduced a European-standard security approach. We now completely follow European standards. Also, we are now renewing the fast payment system to make it more comfortable for customers,” Chkheidze said.

“The latest project that we have offered customers is our mobile application Tbilisi Lift, which is available to customers who own an Android or Apple mobile. Through this application customers will be able to send an automatic message to our operator notifying them of any lift’s damage. Our goal is to further improve service quality and reduce the time it takes to react to customer complaints,” he added.

Q. Could you please summarise the year 2016 - both the main challenges and the main developments?

A. The year 2016 was very fruitful for our company.

We implemented a number of important projects such as a specialised elevator for the culverts tunnel of the Zhinvali hydroelectric power plant. We also completely upgraded the elevator of Tbilisi TV Tower.

This was a very complicated, but at the same time very interesting, project. We are proud to be the only company in Georgia to have managed to implement such a complicated project.

Last year our company moved to a new office at 61 Paliashvili Street, where we have set up a showroom as well.

These are the most important developments that Georgian Lift Company achieved in 2016. As for the challenges, the main challenge was the implementation of the above-mentioned difficult projects, which we ultimately overcame successfully.

Finally, I want to mention that Georgian Lift Company has already implemented over 200 projects.

Q. How would you assess the first quarter of 2017? How successfully has the year 2017 started for Georgian Lift Company?

A. We can say that customers’ needs and tastes have improved and this is as a result of our hard work.

We constantly offer customers high quality, distinguished products and service. With time customers have come to accept these, and accordingly this has influenced their taste.

We are seeing positive developments in terms of customers’ attitudes towards elevator servicemen.

During the most recent period customers have been frequently using the service of our daughter company Tbilisi Lift which provides elevator servicing. Tbilisi Lift provides service to more than 300 objects.

Overall, I would positively evaluate the first part of 2017 and am more optimistic about the end of this year.

Q. How many people are employed at Georgian Lift Company and how does your company take care of its staff?

A. 30 people are employed at our company, though we also add employees during the implementation process of individual projects.

We have a very flexible and comfortable environment at our company.

From the company’s side, employees are always motivated with a bonus system. We constantly care about the improvement of their skills and offer them different important trainings.