NOKI - Proud Newcomer to Golden Brand Awards

NOKI - Proud Newcomer to Golden Brand Awards

The FINANCIAL -- NOKI, Georgia’s leading swimming pool designer and constructor, is establishing standards on the Georgian market, offering the highest quality services to about 1000 customers already.

Years of experience and the highest quality of service; a variety of services; flexible schedules; individually-chosen projects; a well-mannered, professional, experienced and responsible staff - are what make NOKI a distinguished company in its field on the market.

“Over the course of several years on the Georgian market NOKI has built dozens of swimming pools and with that has also built strong consumer trust,” said Zurab Glonti, Director of NOKI.

This is why NOKI was named a favourite brand by more than 100 local experts this year and won a Golden Brand Award - the most prestigious award in Georgia.

Q. Congratulations on winning Golden Brand. Why do you think NOKI was named a favourite brand by the experts?

A. NOKI has been operating on the Georgian market for about 15 years already. During this time the company has been offering all the modern technologies that are necessary for swimming pools.

NOKI became quite an experienced company with many loyal customers. I think the high quality of the service, professionalism and activeness are what made NOKI a distinguished company and noticeable to Golden Brand experts.

Q. Who are NOKI’s customers and how have their numbers been increasing over the years?

A. Our customers are everyone who is interested in modern swimming pools, European standard materials and qualified service.

Everything related to swimming pools falls within the competence of the NOKI company, official representative of the famous Czech company Vagner Pool, specialized in swimming pools in the Czech Republic.

Customers are able to receive various services from NOKI, such as: selecting the design of a swimming pool that is best tailored to the customers’ personal needs; design and construct, as well as carry out its hydro-isolation and pavement; install water filtering and heating systems; install water attractions and provide the customer with all possible accessories; select and install pool roofing or cover construction; provide the customer with chemicals that control water quality; provide the customer with any service relevant to your swimming pool; offer the customer efficient discount conditions; and carry out warranty service.

NOKI carries out all of the above services using materials by various leading producers and gives customers the option of a vast choice.

Every staff member at NOKI has received special training at leading European companies and has acquired due accreditation.

All these efforts are highly appreciated by our customers. We see the number of customers increasing and we are also proud to have loyal customers as well, who always choose NOKI.

Q. You said that Czech company Vagner Pool is the partner company of NOKI. Which other partner companies do you have?

A. Vagner Pool is our major partner with whom we have been cooperating for 14 years already.

We have very close cooperation with Berndorf Baderbau, Europe’s premier stainless steel pool manufacturer; also with BWT, which is Europe’s leading water technology company; IPC Group, ; Which offers customers the pool and verandas roofing systems Maper Glas - engineering a large pool of overhead roofing systems  and facades; and Speck, which is specialized in swimming pool pump products. Exclusively our company represents the products and services of all these companies.

Our suppliers are such famous brands as Kripsol; FIP; Saci Pumps; Pentair; Chemoform Group; Zodiac and many others.

Q. What are the new trends that the company is offering to customers?

A. NOKI tries to offer all the novelties that are created in Europe and the world market. For example, this season we are exclusively offering Georgian customers luxury-class swimming pools and a hydro-massage spa made completely by stainless steel.

We should also highlight our price policy. The policy means that Georgian customers should be able to purchase certain products or services at the same price as they are available in other European countries.

Q. What do customers demand in general, what do they require when building a swimming pool in Georgia?

A. There are practically no restrictions on customer requirements so they are always satisfied with our work. They get a proper result according to their orders. Thanks to our experience and tight cooperation with our international partner companies, we are able to meet demands and leave our customers happy.

Q. How would you summarize the year 2016 and how the year 2017 has started for NOKI?

A. Since its establishment the company’s economic indicators have been increasing and the year 2016 was no exception in this regard. Furthermore, the utmost success NOKI achieved last year resulted in its recognition by the Golden Brand Awards.

However, there were several challenges that the company faced and these challenges were mostly related to the currency crisis and unstable currency rate. However, thanks to our partner and supplier companies we managed to maintain stability on the market.

The year 2017 season has just begun and we are ready for new projects. Several new products will be introduced this season for sure.

We are planning to increase the assortment of our production and increase the number of our specialists. As of today 15 people are employed at NOKI. All of them are well-trained and have certificates.

Our representatives participate in different specialized exhibitions every year to catch the latest trends and developments of the industry.