Kordzadze Law Office: Professionals Oriented at the Best Results

Kordzadze Law Office: Professionals Oriented at the Best Results

Kordzadze Law Office: Professionals Oriented at the Best Results

The FINANCIAL -- Kordzadze Law Office, one of the leading law firms in Georgia, strives to contribute to the development of the Georgian legal market as well as support Georgian art through financing different projects.

Through Kordzadze Law Office’s long-term cooperation with its partners, the firm provides its clients with services such as notarial, translation, execution, auditorial and arbitration services.

A wide choice of qualified legal assistance is available to all - local and foreign legal entities, organisations and physical persons.

Throughout the history of its activity Kordzadze Law Office has gained the reputation of a reliable, ethical and highly professional law firm. And it is this very reputation that brought it its ninth Golden Brand win this year from the leading business awards ceremony in Georgia.

Zviad Kordzadze, the managing partner and attorney of Kordzadze Law Office, explained that the company has been faithfully following three main principles for the last twenty years in its aim to achieve success.

“These principles are: to keep oriented at the interests of its clients; to protect and achieve the clients’ interests by every mean permitted by law and by strictly following ethical norms; to provide clients with qualified services. During the long history of its activity, Kordzadze Law Office has gained the reputation of being a reliable, ethical and highly professional law firm. Highly-qualified professional lawyers with the highest legal and specialised educations are employed at the office,” Kordzadze said.

“Our attorneys prepare contracts and business transactions oriented at the interests of the client providing maximum protection of the client in the case of a dispute. We provide clients with legal verbal and written consultations; drawing up the documents necessary for the clients’ activities; preparation of due diligences, legal opinions and recommendations. It should also be noted that the legal services can be conducted not only in Georgian, but in the Russian, English and German languages as well,” Kordzadze added.

“We practice all fields of law and offer a wide choice of qualified legal services in each field of law, including: civil; corporate law and business transactions; insurance; labour; tax; customs; intellectual; bankruptcy; administrative; criminal; constitutional; international public and international private laws,” he said.

Under the research conducted by Chambers & Partners, publishing the leading guides to the legal profession and conducting the annual researches for the identification of the world’s best law firms, Kordzadze Law Office has been referred as “highly respected within the legal community and has a tradition of excellence when it comes to local disputes... Sources say: “The firm distinguishes itself by high expertise and brilliant legal skills.” Chambers & Partners has ranked Zviad Kordzadze in band 1 (Europe Guide) “As managing partner with 20 years of experience as an attorney at law, Zviad Kordzadze motivates one impressed client to say: "He has outstanding skills to manage complicated disputes as well as the knowledge to achieve the result the client intends to achieve. He is dedicated to the work he fulfils and is client-oriented."

Q. Kordzadze Law Office continues to support Georgian art. First you were assisting the National Centre of Manuscripts and now the Art Palace of Georgia. In what way specifically is your firm involved in projects?

A. Together with Kordzadze Law Office and Georgian Post, Art Palace of Georgia is implementing a project aimed at publishing the 1917 Scientific Expedition Catalogue. This year we will mark the 100 year anniversary of the expedition that was arranged by Ekvtime Takaishvili [a Georgian historian, archaeologist and public benefactor] on the territory of Tao-Klarjeti [a historically Georgian region, now in modern-day Turkey].

During this expedition unique samples of Georgian architecture were studied and measured. They took photos of dozens of monuments, made copies of frescoes (icons). A large part of the archival material is kept in the Art Palace of Georgia. Now the Art Palace professionals are preparing to publish these unique documents.

My initiative was to create computer fonts of Ekvtime Tajaishvili in accordance with his manuscript. It is a very interesting and useful project aimed at the popularisation of Georgian writing with the new generation.

As for the cooperation of Kordzadze Law Office with the National Centre of Manuscripts, it is mainly financial. The state budget for the Centre is very low, therefore the Centre needs financial supporters for the implementation of specific projects.

Kordzadze Law Office is also a partner of Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre by providing it with free legal service. We are partners with Tbilisi International Theatre Festival.

Kordzadze Law Office is also involved in the joint project established by the State and Georgian Law Firms Association according which the members of Georgian Law Firms Association including Kordzadze Law Office render the free of charge service on the civil and administrative cases to insolvent persons to which the state does not provide the free of charge legal service.

Q. Kordzadze Law Office is contributing to raising a new generation of lawyers in Georgia. What activities do you carry out in this regard?

A. Kordzadze Law Office has been actively cooperating with the law clinic of Tbilisi State University to provide a practice course for students at its office and implementation of student programmes.

This student programme is aimed at giving the chance to young people who are willing to become lawyers and to improve their skills and gain knowledge through the practice course at our law office over the course of three months.

Students are chosen through a special competition.

We have also been actively cooperating with the Georgian-American University. Several graduates of Georgian-American University have been granted the possibility to undergo a practice course at Kordzadze Law Office.

Q. Are you involved in preparation of amendments to legislation? Do you cooperate with the government  and give advices on adopting new laws? 

I was the member of the state constitutional committee working on the amendments to the constitution of Georgia which has recently finished its work. I am as well the member of the governmental committee on selection of the EU Court judge. 

Kordzadze Law Office as a member of Georgian Law Firms Association is actively involved in preparation of various legislative amendments. The organization cooperates with the Ministry of Justice of Georgia in order to prepare the amendments to the Civil Procedural Code of Georgia. It is actively working on the improvement of the insolvency legislation. One of the projects of association financed by the Open Society Georgia Foundation is the preparation of recommendations for the insurance of parties’ equality in criminal law procedure. Association implements other projects as well on the preparation of various law amendments aiming on the improvements of legislation in various fields.

Q. How would you assess the last year? What was the main challenge in 2016? 

There was a significant increase of clients’ activity and of their need to receive the legal services in 2016 which is important not only for the development of Georgian economy but also for the Georgian legal market. The number of clients has been especially increased in the corporate clients direction. Corporate clients use the large sphere of our legal services according to their needs. The interests of foreign investors towards the Georgian market have also been increased past year which in terms of our activity is revealed in cooperating with us in order to receive the legal services on evaluating the Georgian laws before investment and receive the various legal services on implementing specific projects for investments.

Past Year was successful for our company. Most of our cases have been successfully finished which is the best result not only for our team but for the clients as well.