Lisi Development Makes New Steps by Bringing Innovative Projects to Tbilisi and Black Sea Cost

Lisi Development Makes New Steps by Bringing Innovative Projects to Tbilisi and Black Sea Cost

The FINANCIAL -- Lisi Development continues to create modern living style, refined architectural complexes and also to establish a brand new environment for an ecological and healthy way of living in Georgia.

After successfully developing the Territory of Lisi Lake, where the company builds Residential complex ‘Lisi Green Town’, Lisi Development is now entering Georgia’s Black Sea Cost, where a new complex will be built.

“A mixed type of new Black Sea Resort will unite hotels, residential apartments, restaurants, cafés and various entertainment zones,” said Nodar Adeishvili, General Director of Lisi Development.

“The main focus will be on modern architecture. For this reason we started cooperation with the WATG group which is famous worldwide for its sophisticated architectural style. We believe this new project will introduce new standards in the Black Sea resort zone,” he added.

Meanwhile, Lisi Development also continues to develop residential complex Lisi Green Town, where construction of the third district and a new district of villas will soon commence.

“Lisi Green Town is still developing, becoming greener. The first district of the Town was completed in 2014. 90% of the second district is also completed and 90% of the apartments are already sold. Now construction of the third district will be launched and a new district of villas as well. In the third district of Lisi Green Town, a 6-storey building will be constructed,” Adeishvili said.

Lisi Development, with the project ‘Lisi Green Town’ maintains its unique concept of 80/20, where 20 percent of the territory is allocated for buildings, and the remaining 80 percent is used to build infrastructure and develop recreational areas and greenery.

Lisi Green Town is close to one of the biggest recreational zones in Tbilisi – Lisi Lake – we also took responsibility for taking care of the lake as well. Every day up to 100 gardeners, service managers and security staff take care of t Lisi Green Town and Lisi Lake. Since the launch of the project about 30,000 trees have been planted within Lisi Lake territory.
“At this stage we are actively greening the second district of the Town, where about 700 trees were planted in just one month,” Adeishvili said.

As of today, there are four parks in the Town and three new parks will be opened in the future,” he added.

Additional, Premium quality residential building “Lisi Green Tower” will be built in the second district of Lisi Green Town. Building, with its integrated connection with the new green plaza, will be then architectural anchor and the new landmark of Lisi Green Town.
“The majority of the apartments are already reserved. This will be an 11-storey premium class residential complex which will feature 32 apartments. Each apartment has its own terrace and view of Tbilisi. Glass dominates in the architecture of the project which is designed by UN Studio, one of the leading architectural companies in the world. UN Studio portfolio includes worldwide successful projects as Mercedes Benz Museum in Germany, Shenzhen Mix C+ in China, Raffles City in China, Ardmore Residence in Singapore, Samsung Galaxy Studio in Brazil, Beethoven Concert Hall in Germany, Prince Claus Bridge in Netherlands and many more,” Adeishvili said.

Besides planting trees, Lisi Development is the first company in Georgia to have launched waste sorting. The company has placed special waste containers in different locations across its property, so its residents can separate their discarded items.

The company, with a focus on creating an ecologically clean environment, is also the first among Georgian developers to have decided to install a charging station for electric vehicles on its property.

Recently, Lisi Development opened a new sales office together with Kokta-Mitarbi Resort in the Vake district of Tbilisi, at 22 Chavchavadze Ave.

“Everyone interested in the interiors of our apartments is invited to visit our sales office and discover how we design the apartments. The façade of this office has vertical irrigation system, which is also in compliance with our 80/20 concept. Taking into account the growing interest of our customers, we decided to open the second office of its kind in Tbilisi,” said Adeishvili.

Lisi Development is the first development company of its kind in Georgia, established in 2010. Lisi Development recently won the most prestigious and influential business award in Georgia – Golden Brand, for the fourth year in a row. Company holds Golden Brand Awards 2014, 2015 and 2016 as well. Besides, company is a frequentative winner of several International Real Estate Awards. In particular, Lisi Development has won 10 nominations by International Property Awards starting from 2012 to 2017 in various categories. Company has also gained the title of the Best Green Developer at the EUOPEAN CEO Awards 2016. In 2017 at EEA Real Estate Forum & Project Awards in Ukraine, company became Developer of the Year and the project ‘Lisi Green Town’ has been awarded in two categories: ‘Residential Complex of the Year’ and ‘Residential Community of the Year’.

“We received a Golden Brand award because Lisi Development is a distinguished company on the Georgian market as it is establishing innovative standards. We are a green company whose concept is 80/20. Constant transformation and novelty has always been the main goal of our company and this helped us to be recognised as the best development company by Golden Brand,” said Adeishvili.