GORGIA – Biggest Home Improvement Company in the Caucasus

GORGIA – Biggest Home Improvement Company in the Caucasus

The FINANCIAL -- GORGIA, Georgia’s largest hypermarket for construction and DIY materials, is continuing to offer high quality products and help customers with their home improvement projects through providing professional advice and expertise, combined with innovative services and strongly competitive prices.

As a brand, GORGIA was founded in 1998 with one simple idea – to help people improve their homes.

After 20 years of development, the brand has turned into one of the biggest companies in the refurbishment industry in the whole of the Caucasus region.

Today, GORGIA serves over 15,000 customers per day and offers 40,000 sorts of products.

GORGIA is specialised in household fittings, building and construction materials. The company strives to make the home improvement process easy, fast and smart. To achieve new goals, GORGIA puts an emphasis on building success as a company with the support of its inspired and professional team.

GORGIA imports goods from all over the world and is actively working with different logistics companies.

Thanks to the utmost success the company achieved last year, GORGIA was recognised with a Golden Brand award this year.

“We are glad that GORGIA has been named a leading hypermarket network in Georgia. Daily care of our customers and constant striving for development have not escaped the attention of our customers. Today we are giving an opportunity to our customers in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Zugdidi, Telavi and Marneuli to live better and to create comfortable conditions in their homes. We always learn from the wishes of our customers and offer them tens of thousands of products at the most favourable prices,” said Giorgi Chorgolashvili, Corporate Director of GORGIA.

Q. What are the future plans of GORGIA?

A. GORGIA is constantly developing. The fact that we have created a hypermarket network of the biggest construction and DIY materials in the Caucasus, and that today we are the leaders of the market, is as a result of our team’s hard work.

In the future we will be developing more brands for premium customers.

We also intend to expand our hypermarket’s network. Our business has been developing in various regions of Georgia and as a leading company GORGIA will be represented in almost all of the country’s large regions.

Q. What is the market-share of GORGIA?

A. GORGIA works in several directions. Not only do we have a hypermarket network but we also work in the distribution direction and supply other hypermarkets and smaller stores with our materials. In addition, we offer our materials to almost all of the major developers and construction companies in the country.

Taking this fact into account, GORGIA has quite a large share of the market in Georgia.

Q. In your opinion, how developed is the construction materials business in the country?

A. Construction and home repairs have always been in demand in Georgia. What we have changed is the general attitude towards customers.

In the past, customers would have to go to different places to buy construction or home improvement materials. They would have to do this regardless of rain or intense heat just in order to find all of the different materials needed for their home repair project.

We have regulated and improved this business. We created a trading sphere with parking places, quality products with warranties, polite consultants and most importantly – low prices, which enables us to attract more customers and further develop the business.

Offering construction or repair materials to different segments looks like an easy task, but as with all businesses, it has its own specificities. We always try to develop business in a direction which will bring us closer to our customers. Caring for our customers is the main cornerstone of our business.

Q. GORGIA offers 40,000 sorts of construction and home repair products to customers and, as you say, at the lowest prices. How does the price of the products correspond to their quality?

A. Import is GORGIA’s strength. You cannot name any leader in the world today in the construction and repair industry that does not cooperate with GORGIA. Our partners manufacture products in various countries around the world.

We also have a list of exclusive brands such as America’s General Electric and Germany’s Henkel.

We are working closely with Spanish companies from which we import a wide range of slabs.

As for the price and quality, at GORGIA there is the best choice of price and quality for any category of customer.

Low prices are our competitive advantage but this does not affect the quality of a product. We always try to work with our suppliers and partners to set optimal prices and we are almost always making valuable deals.

That is why today GORGIA is the largest and fastest growing hypermarket network in Georgia.

Q. In general, the field in which GORGIA operates is a very competitive one, consequently there is a wide choice on the market. What distinguishes GORGIA from all the others?

A. GORGIA’s advantage is due to several factors. These are as follows: having the largest assortment; acceptable prices; good quality products; and customer-oriented service. Customers admire these factors and that is why today GORGIA is without equal in these directions. Everyone who is building a house or repairing their home, without a doubt pays a visit to GORGIA.