National Delicacy to Introduce New Ready-Made Dishes in 2018

National Delicacy to Introduce New Ready-Made Dishes in 2018

The FINANCIAL -- National Delicacy continues to offer ready-made dishes with 100 percent natural Georgian fresh ingredients. Soon, customers will be able to taste the hot, spicy but subtly flavoured dip Adjika and other sauces. Also, new sorts of jams and honey will be added to the product assortment of National Delicacy.

Established in 2016 National Delicacy is a company that offers eight different varieties of ready-made dishes not only in Georgia, but abroad as well. Dishes by National Delicacy are exported to Russia, Kazakhstan and Lithuania.

“Currently we are negotiating with Germany and Ukraine to offer them our dishes,” said the Director of National Delicacy, Otar Simonishvili.

National Delicacy’s main customers mostly include people who do not have time to cook for themselves.

“Ready meals packaged in retort packets were initially made for helping soldiers, astronauts, also those who have been injured in catastrophic accidents and for situations where regular methods of food preparation are not possible,” said Simonishvili.

“In our daily reality nowadays, demand for ready food has become huge among students, working couples, the lonely working contingent, corporations, and a huge part of the population in general which consumes ready food in retort packets today. It is also actively used at restaurants and other organizations because from the point of view of hygiene and fragrant qualities, it facilitates their normal functioning while using the minimum human resources,” he added.

Chicken Chakhokhbili; veggie beans; mushrooms with tarragon; beans with ham; vegetable soup; soup grub; rice with beef; and eggplant with tomato – these are the main dishes of National Delicacy, while the company also plans to offer jams and preserves soon.

“Chicken Chakhokhbili, soup grub and bean dishes are very popular,” said Simonishvili.

Dishes by National Delicacy are affordable for customers, ranging in price from GEL 3.30 to GEL 4.60.

National Delicacy dishes are available online ( and as well as at all major hypermarkets and supermarkets of Georgia (Goodwill, Carrefour, Fresco, Zghapari, and Spar).

“Sales of National Delicacy increased about 30 percent this year compared to the same period of 2017,” said Simonishvili.

National Delicacy has its own factory which is located in the city of Dedoplistskaro, in Georgia’s Kakheti region. The factory is certified by the international certificates of ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP.

“Only fresh, natural and useful Georgian ingredients are used in each product prepared in our factory. Locals who are actively involved in agricultural processes work at the factory and have direct daily interaction with difficult agricultural activities. This increases the professionalism of our factory’s staff and raises customers’ trust in us. We think that this fact, in turn, will contribute to the regional development of Georgia,” said Simonishvili.

National Delicacy recently won a Golden Brand award, becoming the favourite brand of the customers and over 100 experts of Golden Brand.

“I think the reason for our victory at the Golden Brand awards is the technological innovation that we introduced to the Georgian market. These are 100 percent natural packaged ready meals with a long shelf life. The period of storage of National Delicacy dishes is two years,” said Simonishvili.

“We are a new company, with just one year of history on the market and such recognition is very important for us,” he added.

Q. National Delicacy is producing dishes made with 100 percent natural Georgian ingredients. Was it easy to gain customers trust in such a market where fast food is already so well developed?

A. Our product is also in the fast food category as it takes just two minutes to cook. And, yes, it is 100 percent natural, we exclude the use of additives.

The preparation process of National Delicacy products involves just warming them up. It is possible to do this by two methods. First – warm up the food in a microwave for two minutes. If doing it this way then before heating it up, it is necessary to remove the upper part of the packet so that it doesn’t burst.

The second method is to put the packet into a pan full of hot water. The hotter the water, the quicker the product will heat up. If doing it this way then it isn’t necessary to open the packet prior to heating.

Ready-made National Delicacy food is absolutely safe because it is made by experienced food technologists with the use of correctly acquired retort technologies.

Q. National Delicacy has no analogue on the Georgian market. How did you come up with the idea to establish such a company?

A. This is true. National Delicacy has no analogue in Georgia. The idea belongs to one of our partners who learnt all the technologies, and together we gave life to this idea.

Our products are also very useful for tourists and those people who love camping and similar outdoor activities.