Winners of the Most Influential Business Awards in Georgia Announced

Winners of the Most Influential Business Awards in Georgia Announced

The FINANCIAL -- After 4 month of hard work, Golden Brand Award Ceremony organizers and supporters summed up and revealed winner Brands of the year 2019.
Gala ceremony of the awards is postponed to 17th of July due to the COVID pandemic. According to the organizers GB awards will be hosted by the Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi. 

Golden Brand is a registered trademark and is owned by Georgian Companies Global Idea and the FINANCIAL.

The value of the Golden Brand is priceless. It increases customer confidence and trust, makes the brand an international trademark, later used successfully by both Georgian and international brands. Golden Brand winners use the Golden Brand trademark in their marketing and PR activities. Golden Brand survey is conducted each year among different spheres of businesses.

Golden Brand is the main award for business projects in Georgia, transparently chosen by experts and consumers.

In total, 100 experts participated in 2019 survey (experts in economic affairs, business administration specialists, professors of higher universities, representatives of state and non-state business sector. Google questionnaire was used to interview wider population – 2000 people.
The brands were nominated by such parameters as awareness, quality, PR and marketing activities.
Companies are awarded with Golden Brand title since the year 2006. Owners of Golden Brand are largest companies in Georgia and big international brands.

Project is supported by: - Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, International Chamber of Commerce, Business Council of Switzerland and Georgia, European Foundation and Association of Entrepreneur Women in Georgia. Golden Brand has the following radio partners: Radio Commersant FM 95,5, Radio Maestro FM 94, 7 and TV Radio Vinili FM 99, 7 . FM 99, 7 Radio Georgian Vinili FM 93,1

The winners of Golden Brand 2019 are:
Road transport liability insurance - No1 Golden Brand- Insurance Group of Georgia
Consumer Oriented Company - No1 Golden Brand -Tbilisi Energy
Construction of Industrial Sites - No1 Golden Brand - Ecohouse
Heating, Ventilation, Conditioning - No1 Golden Brand - Terma
Beauty industry - No1 Golden Brand - Avon
Pharmaceutical Company - No 1 Golden Brand - PSP
Children’s Nutrition - No1 Golden Brand - Nestle
Law firm - No1 Golden Brand - Kordzadze Law office
Delivery Service - No1 Golden Brand - Wolt
Food ingredients industry - No1 Golden Brand - Doehler Georgia
Hypermarket of Construction Materials - No1 Golden Brand - Bricorama
Decoration Materials - No1 Golden Brand - Allstone
Wooden houses and cottages - (construction and projecting) - No1 Golden Brand
Medical equipment - No1 Golden Brand - Advanced Medical Technologies & Service
Confectionery - No1 Golden Brand - Sandomi
Lifts and elevators - No1 Golden Brand – Teg Lift (Ltd tech engineering group)
Georgian Juice Industry - For Making Contribution to the Development of Georgian Juice Industry - No1 Golden Brand –Kula
Innovative Brand on Georgian Market - No1 Golden Brand - Gemuani Crips
Outdoor Advertising Service - No1 Golden Brand - Alma
Children’s Clothing and Accessories - No1 Golden Brand - Bebe+
Sunflower Seeds - No1 Golden Brand - Solari
Casino - No1 Golden Brand - Shangri La
Paints and varnishes for buildings - No1 Golden Brand - Renox Color
Dental Clinic - No1 Golden Brand - Dream Dental & Aesthetic Group
Fish and Seafood - No1 Golden Brand - Umali
Security Guards Service - No1 Golden Brand –Magistri
Butter foreign brand - No1 Golden Brand – Anchor
Children’s Hygienic Products – No1 Golden Brand - Pampers
Dental Care Products - No1 Golden Brand – Blend a Med
Detergents (Washing Powder) - No1 Golden Brand - Ariel
Detergents (Dishwashing Liquid) - No1 Golden Brand - Fairy
Shaving Products - No1 Golden Brand – Gillette
Hair Care (shampoo) - No1 Golden Brand - Head & Shoulders
Hand Soap - No1 Golden Brand - Safeguard
Manual and Electro Brushes – No1 Golden Brand - Oral –B
Car dry Cleaning - No1 Golden Brand - Fast & Shine
Chocolate foreign brand - No1 Golden Brand - Milka
Cleaning Service - No1 Golden Brand - City Cleaning
Car service - No1 Golden Brand - Oto Motors
Chewing Gum - No1 Golden Brand - Dirol
Baby skincare products - No1 Golden Brand - Weleda
Chocolate Production - No1 Golden Brand - Rosali Sambar