Nokia Networks expert service accelerates operator network readiness for telco cloud #MWC15

Nokia Networks expert service accelerates operator network readiness for telco cloud #MWC15

The FINANCIAL -- Nokia Networks is launching a service to assess the suitability of existing operator telco cloud infrastructure to run Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs). The service identifies network shortfalls and recommends upgrades to enable operators to reap the maximum value from their assets. By tackling these problems upfront, operators can significantly speed up VNF implementation without the risk of creating poorly performing applications.


Nokia Cloud Verification Service uses a wide range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to compare an operator’s software and hardware against a reference cloud implementation. These KPIs are based on Nokia Networks’ experience of telco cloud hardware, software, hypervisor and application configurations. Automated processes and tooling ensure that Nokia Networks professionals can deliver the full service within five weeks, 90% faster than testing implemented from scratch, according to Nokia.

Solution details at a glance:

The overall process includes planning, testing and analysis as well as the final report with actionable recommendations for improvement. The report also provides a benchmark for the operator’s infrastructure.

Extension of Nokia Networks’ cloud wise services.

Testing uses more than 1,000 automated test vectors to assess cloud services as well as networking, computing and storage facilities.

Results are presented visually to speed understanding of the detailed measurements and analysis.
Remote delivery option implies that no additional servers are required. Once the service is completed, the testing application is automatically decommissioned, leaving no lingering footprint.
Supports initial cloud installations as well as subsequent events such as upgrades to the cloud, or when traffic volume or traffic profile thresholds are reached.

The new service will be shown at the Nokia Experience Center, Hall 3, Stand 3B10.




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