Ukraine needs to increase the exports of vegetable oils, but not oilseeds

Ukraine needs to increase the exports of vegetable oils, but not oilseeds

The FINANCIAL -- Ukraine is able to completely process almost all produced volumes of oilseed crops at domestic enterprises only, which allows producing the required volumes of vegetable oils for covering of not only the domestic needs of the country, but also increasing its export potential. In particular, Ukraine can increase the production rates for sunflower, rapeseed, soybean oils as well as other varieties of fat-and-oil commodities, declared the General Director of the Association Ukroliyaprom, Stepan Kapshuk on December 11.

According to him, to date Ukraine exports nearly 4.5 mln tonnes of soybeans and rapeseed, and such volumes would be enough for four months of work of processing enterprises. Their capacities total which 16 mln tonnes, and the loading level – 60% only.

Also, S.Kapshuk considers necessary to extend the effect of technological standards for contaminants into the atmospheric air from the boiler houses, working on sunflower husk.

In case of the unsettled issue by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, there is a serious threat for stoppage of 15 oil-producing enterprises, which will reduce sunflower oil production, create speculative demand, and develop the bullih trend on the domestic market, as well as non-fulfillment of the export contracts, partial losses of the export markets, and reduction of the country`s hard currency earnings.